Slow down with mentoring support in a trustworthy space where you can focus, clear your mind and gain perspective.

Clear your Mind and Gain Perspective

A life changing experience that helps you make decisions and move forward. Either you have an important personal or professional decision to make or you just need a moment to reconnect with yourself and a way to recharge your batteries.

In a 24/7 connected world, disconnect to connect better, completely. An opportunity to simplify life and go back to basics, naturally.

Simplify Life and go Back to Basics

The Walking Mentorship has two formats: Walk & Talk individual sessions and group programs in iconic routes. Together with a mentor and like-minded people you will live a mixture of companionship, unusual lodging, fantastic meals, endless walks and beautiful landscapes.

Revise your priorities and goals. Gain the clarity where you want to go next, and craft an action plan to move forward with your life.

Create a Vision and an Action Plan

By the end of each program you will revisit your ultimate purpose and ignite your passion to achieve the fundamental vision of your life. You will gain a deep understanding of what truly motivates you and the ability to turn it into an action plan.