WM | Year-end

Group | 26 – 29 December 2021 

4 places available

The year-end program in Colmeal is the opportunity to revise the end of your annual journey and plant the seeds to the road ahead. During four days you will cover the different events of your year and prepare the ground for what lies ahead.

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WM | Camino

Group | 23 April – 1 May 2022

2 places available

Destination You will help you clarify the current purpose of your life and create an Action Plan to achieve it. Together with a group of like-minded people, you will gain a better understanding of who you are and find a way to move forward.

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Burn(out) Stress

Organizations |

Blended or Fully Presential

Studies show that 1 in 4 people will suffer some form of psychosocial issues within each year, The Burn(Out) Stress Program is designed to answer this challenge. An exclusive partnership between Encontrar+se and Walking Mentorship,

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