The world needs a different rhythm and it starts with you.

In 2017 give yourself the opportunity to defy the constraints of your body and mind, put on your hiking boots, a lightweight backpack and go.

Once outside, your body move at its own rhythm and the mind starts to feel free, in other words, available.

Step by step your conscience begins to display a deep internal harmony placing all our faculties in spontaneous agreement to play freely together, composing a spectacle of a world in proper form.

Availability is a rare synthesis of abandon and activity, deploying all the charm of the mind during a walk. The soul becomes as it were available to the world of appearances. It has nothing to explain to anyone, and no obligation to be coherent.

It is at the core of this ancestral game that the world yields more of itself to the playful walker than to the serious and systematic observer.

In the end of the journey, the “peregrination” become that gratuitous aesthetic moment of rediscovering the lightness of being and the sweetness of a soul freely reconciled to itself and the world around.

Without rush, without any set of purpose and no focus on anything in particular. When you become deeply present in the moment, everything is offered in abundance.

Happy walking in 2017


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