Dialogues with reality – 01

Today I woke up on the top of the world, more precisely at 2473 meters and it is not easy to describe the amount of peace and harmony I could feel running through my veins.
One of the reasons behind the creation of the Walking Mentorship was my personal need to keep a demanding professional life in balance with my personal development.
Knowing the limitations of corporate world I could only imagine reinventing myself in contact with nature and reconnecting with the most basic principles of life.
Being a seasoned walker it was somehow logic to me to combine the most important learnings from business with the most beautiful and meaningful routes in our little blue planet.
Few thousand kilometers later I understood that there are plenty of people around the world (just like myself) that need less in their life’s in order to value better the miracle of their existence.
The Walking Mentorship its a very simple idea, I facilitate the connection between truly unique people with truly unique destinations. On top of the program everyone works ( body and mind) with a clear methodology that helps you to connect with yourself and aspire to be a better person and as a consequence a better professional.
With less filters as possible, all kinds of stages in life are brought together to enjoy the most basics principles of life; the joy of walking in the nature, drink a glass with your route companions around a table, enjoy true and honest food, share your difficulties or stories of overcoming, feed your spirit with what it’s needed building a more balanced and happier life.
In June and July we do our “homework” in Via Francigena, across the Alps, between Switzerland and Italy, pretty much above the clouds. And yes, No one can climb your mountain for you, but you don’t have to climb it alone.
Next month we comeback to the Alps and we have 1 available spot in our group, maybe with you?

Keep walking with me,

   Joao Perre Viana

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