Day 00 – Never return to the places where you’ve been happy…or maybe yes…return again and again.

Day 0 – Via Francigena July 2017
I spend so much time in airports that I always wonder where are all these people are going? 

Most of the passengers look always frantic and nervous. I put my sociologist hat and my fun begins.
My first guess and since we are in the Summer time, I would say they are on a run to be happy 🙂
My second guess is about the destination. I remember to read, hear and actually see people refusing to return to places or situations they believed they were happy, I think they fear to ruin the memory of the magic or the magic of the memory. Most likely they search for new destinations.
I understand we are living in a world where the need for new and incredible experiences seems to be more important then anything else, becoming even more crucial with the inevitability to balance the amount of unpredictable and unstable events that feed the breaking news and society in general.
Can it be different? Sure it can !
Seated on 10f on my way to Geneva with a nice window view, I am returning to Via Francigena just 4 weeks after my previous Walking Mentorship in the same place, the same mountains and most likely the same unpredictable weather is waiting for me, knowing that I was extremely happy there last month, last year and few times before that.
I believe people make places look differently the same way I believe places can make people look differently, I also know that we forget more than half of the things we heard, learn and said but we will never forget the way we feel with someone or somewhere, no matter what.
The same way I return to my family after each trip, knowing that every reunion is an opportunity to become a better person, I also return to destinations like the Alps, the Camino of Santiago or Azenhas do Mar, again and again, because despite the route that I know well, everything else is different, always granting me the opportunity to become more complete and as a consequence an happier man.
Follow my advise and return over and over to the places you have been happy before.
Shall we go for a walk tomorrow?

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