Day 02 – Don’t turn your back on a challenge (unless it is part of your strategy) 

Day 02 – Martigny / Orsieres (25km)

Yesterday I learned during dinner that in Germany if a kid does not finish the food on the plate the mother will tell that there will be bad weather the following day. Looking at the window this morning it is obvious to see the consequences of having left part of my pasta.
The section we had ahead of us is considered to be the most difficult one between Canterbury and Rome, there are no options to do the official trail, except jumping over the challenge and take the train or a taxi to the next village.
We knew that a decision would have to be made until the last train stop, after that would be either forward or backwards to the initial point. Individually and collectively we assess our conditions and our level of confidence and we went forward with our task. 
Today’s challenge was loud and clear, not only in our route (rain and wind was a given) but specially in our daily exercise. The Cross Section step allows you to see how your daily activities are aligned with your inner self. 
This exercise asks you to work from the inside out. You begin at your core by articulating what replenishes and motivates you. Then, on the surface, you consider the resources that you usually access and that are available. Finally you chart how you are spending your time and how satisfied you are with your current reality. As a result you begin to see areas of improvement and identifying where you want to make changes.
It is a tremendous amount of work making the physical part of the exercise look like a walk in the park, which wasn’t 🙂
After more than 6 hours of narrow paths, rain, wind and a little parkour between boulders we arrived in Orsieres, our final destination for the day, but most importantly, each one arrived where we would like to bring change into our life.
No matter what you have in front of you, don’t turn your back on a challenge, unless of course it is part of your strategy.
Tomorrow shall we go up a little more ?

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