Day 03 – Your feet will take you where your heart is

Day 03 – Orsieres / Bourg Saint-Pierre – 16 Km
After a long journey, we had to experience a shorter route today in order to recover fully our energy and get ready for the ascent to the Col du Grand San Bernard on Wednesday. I am never sure if it is because of the altitude or because of my feet but let me tell you, how good it is to sleep when you are tired:) 
When I opened the window in the morning and the first breeze conquered my room, I could recognize the typical atmosphere of alpine country. Once we stepped outside and I looked at the fresh snow on the top of the mountains I was almost certain that we would have a “white carpet” waiting for us tomorrow up on the pass.
It is our third day into the Walking Mentorship program and “time” as we know it was already left behind many kilometers down the valley, the days started to stretch and faces that once looked distant to meet are now part of my history and the experience we are building together becomes unique and unrepeatable, step by step.
Back to our survival kit, yesterday, during the Cross Section exercise we began to see some areas for improvement. Now we are ready to take stock of the elements that will affect the changes we want to make. 
During the morning, first individually and after in pairs with the walking buddy assigned for the day, we focused on the Inventory template where we summarize and assess our present capabilities and anticipate our future prospects. 
As we practice more and more the “magic” approach of helping our close one to make sure that’s the shortest route to help yourself, we start clarifying where we struggle and where we can excel and become prepared for the next step – To create our vision of personal success.
The hours went by with blue skies and fluffy clouds along meadows and rivers. At times the raincoat replaced by a light shirt to be followed by a fleece. 
The elements of nature rule from now onwards and all we can do is to put all our skills at service and turn every single challenge into an opportunity. 
How do you do that? 
“Your feet will take you where your heart is” – Irish Proverb 

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