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    And so it is. 2019 was an incredible journey with no lack of challenges, learnings, and moments that I will not forget easily. 

    In the last program of the year, I had the opportunity to wrap up what happened in the previous 365 days, and I gained a healthy perspective that usually puts things in the right place.

    If there were a word or sentence to describe what I see inside those last 12 months, I would choose “Sixteen going on Eighteen.”
    When I compared my thoughts and ideas from a year ago with today, there is a good sense of accomplishment and evolving. It is a good taste.

    Along the revision process, I put together a video that combines many of the experiences I lived in.

    Click on the image to watch the 2019 Year (Re)View

    When I finished, I sat back and watched it a couple of times. I want to share with you some of the takeaways:

    Whatever you think you might have ahead of you, forget about it because you don’t know. What you know is that you can use your present-day to live the best possible way and try to do the same to the ones around you. Don’t wait or delay any act of love. If you think it is the right time, then say it, hug, dance, kiss, cease doing it or start acting accordingly with your purpose in life.  

    Be sufficiently smart and humble to revise again and again, your priorities. Your energy should be well spent, and for that, you need to be attentive. Pay attention to life, never miss an opportunity to plant seeds, and when they are placed in you let them sprout in your heart. 

    You need to have the courage to fail. If you never take the risk of missing the target, you will never know how close you are to do it. Add another chance and you will get closer!

    Nature gives us excellent examples of how to nurture, develop, and keep our relationships. If you look into the capacity of renewal from the oceans, you can sense the endless tides. If you walk in the forest, you will notice the straightforwardness of trees and the way they always point to the sky even under adversity. And don’t forget the flexibility and altruism of any cloud, carrying inside and distributing the life all other species need.

    It is time to walk
    Today is the first day of a story that needs to be told. You are the only person in the world that can achieve such accomplishment. Start now; don’t be late.   If you feel tired or lost, close your eyes and reach out your hand, most likely we will meet halfway along the road. If you think being in a trustworthy environment can help you take the first step forward, it might make sense to look into the upcoming Walking Mentorship programs. 

    Purpose Review | Camino de Santiago | 18-26

    Spiritual Route | Rota Teresiana | 16-23
    Offline | Oseira Monastery | 28-31

    Purpose Review | Camino de Santiago | 6-14

    Parents&Kids | Galician Coast | 11-18 

    Parents&Kids | Galician Coast | 1-8
    Purpose Review | Via Francigena | 15-21

    Until then,
    Keep walking with me 
    Joao Perre Viana
    Founder of Walking Mentorship

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