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    As 2021 reaches the end, I have the feeling that 2022 is going to be a great year. I can’t explain why but I feel very hopeful and happy with the prospect. But don’t get me wrong – as I look back on 2021, I feel enormous joy and gratitude. To be honest, I’ve had the year of a lifetime.

    There were challenges, sorrows, failed expectations and delayed trips. There were limitations, and I had to face my own physical limitations and the fact that the years take their toll.
    I had to deal with uncertainty, doubts and even some fear – more of governments than of sickness, to be honest.

    But through it all, I had the chance to walk – both physically and mentally – with wonderful people towards the best version of ourselves. I was pushed to step outside of my comfort zone and challenge my own self-limitations. I learned to deal with my physical limitations and with the limitations being imposed on me. And I kept walking.

    I had the opportunity to learn with superb human beings to whom I shall always be grateful, read fabulous books, travel in my mind and through technology, explore, evolve, achieve. And this is what I saw in 2021.

    I had the year of a lifetime because I didn’t allow the constraints to define it, to paralyse me, but instead used them to evolve.
    Again, don’t get me wrong – there are many things I wish I had done differently, better, sooner… and a few others I wouldn’t repeat. But I lived this year to the fullest. And I believe this is all we can do.

    The winter just started – as I’m writing, the days just started to grow slowly but steadily. And as we may look at winter as a time of seclusion, of going inside, that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening.

    On the contrary, if you look at nature, everything is preparing, getting ready for the great blossoming of the spring.
    I’m truly convinced that 2022 will be even more the year of a lifetime – and I’m doing my best to get ready to live it to the fullest. What are you going to make of 2022?


    Some things you can only see when there are no distractions around, and the Year-end in Colmeal, was the perfect setting to make that happen at the moment when you need it.


    In February 2022 We will be back with an important event exclusive to our Alumni. We want to invite you to participate in a Walkinar (you will need your mobile phone, power bank and walking shoes) and during one hour and a half walk in nature together with other Alumni towards the best version of ourselves. You will reflect on your action plan, what is working and what is not working. Let us know you are coming! Register here.


    Walking Mentorship is a labour of love that helps you gain deeper insight and equips you to create a meaningful impact in your life and those around you. How can we work together?  We keep things simple by offering Immersive,  short-term and Corporate programs. Check the best fit for you.  

                     Keep walking with me,      
                    Nuno Santos Fernandes 
               Partner of Walking Mentorship

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