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    Few days ago on my way to a long walk I noticed a man with his thumb up asking for a ride.

    In those milliseconds between seeing, thinking and acting a flow of experiences came down on my mind and transport my memory back to a wonderful journey I took more than a decade ago.

    During a month I had the opportunity to drive around the biggest island of the archipelago of Cuba. Among the mental pictures I carry in my heart, one that always brings a smile to my face is related with the amount of lifts I gave while visiting the territory.

    A trip that was designed to be solo turned out an encyclopaedia of culture and amazing stories.
    I did not spend one single day alone while driving, instead, there was always someone to be picked here and dropped few kilometres down the road, filing my car with joy and life.

    On a warmer April month, Juannis and Chiqui where waiting for a bus that seemed to be far too late just outside of Bayamo, catching my attention on the way to Santiago de Cuba. In the previous weeks I always tried to access the possibilities of being mugged or cut into pieces before offering my help, and somehow succeed. The two young ladies seemed to me way to nice to raise my concerns. I stop, they got in and off we went.

    Before arriving at the island my mind was trapped in prejudice and pre-made thoughts based on images of visible difficulties and shortages, but again and again, I learned that true smiles are like true data, they don’t lie 🙂

    Juannis and Chiqui point me in the direction of the nearest gas station with gas (important detail), help me find a store with suncream and show me the best granizado in town.

    To be very honest I don’t remember what we talked during those 45m ride but I keep very much alive the sensation my travel companions seeded in me.

    To wrap up the experience, Juannis explained me that life was indeed not easy, but gave me a suggestion (more like a premonition) – “ If you really want something in life, work for it, trow yourself into the challenge and create your own road, don’t let the destiny define the path ahead of you. If you take a first step you will always be one step closer ”

    Back to reality the milliseconds were gone and I obviously stop my car and open the door. The ride was short but long enough to remind me that when you simplify your life, your life because more abundant, meaningful and worth it to take again and again a first step.

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