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The Founder.


The concept took almost twenty years to prepare. After hundreds of walks with family, friends and their friends the Walking Mentorship was crafted step by step.

João Perre Viana is the founder of the Walking Mentorship and can be described as a”glass half full” type of person. Raised in Portugal during the revolutionary years, he quickly called the world his home. Finished high school in Montana, studied law by accident in Lisbon and ended up selling is first digital company to an advertising group just before the bubble burst in 2001.

Becoming a Mad Man turned out to be much better than staying in court, the best travel agency he could ever have dreamed of; first took him on a European tour (France, Germany and UK) with a pit stop to conclude an MBA in Belgium. Later, the passion for strategy, innovation and brand creation took him into Central Asia (Kazakstan), Eastern Europe (Ukraine) and Africa (Angola and Mozambique). In between more than 12 countries, living, mentoring, working and teaching at local universities.

He his an advisory board member in different organisations and also a guest lecturer at EADA in Barcelona and Lviv Business School in Ukraine. For many years he has been a business mentor at numerous pre-accelerators, incubators and entrepreneurial programs. 

Bringing 15+ years of international background, João has a strong focus and experience in Change Management, Business transformation and Individual mentorship, he developed a philosophy of self-development coined Walking Mentorship. A fresh breeze to drive individual change and impact organisations from within.

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The Purpose.


Through the course of his work, João began to clearly understand the underlying need within each individual regardless of the background, experience, or moment in life, to slow down, gain perspective and revise their objectives, regularly and surrounded by a trustworthy environment.

After all, in order to transform our world, we must first transform ourselves. That kind of transformation comes precisely, systematically, and one step at a time. From this idea, Walking Mentorship was born.

Since 1995 he organizes different walking formats that connect people with their present and future selves, bringing together the professional and the person within each individual.

The Mentorship truly start at the end of the walking program. Once the participant has a action plan in motion, regular follow up sessions with your mentor occur throughout the year (online and personally) to support you achieving your goals and objectives.

Developing yourself to become the person you want to be is the biggest challenge of life. No one can do that for you!

Walking Mentorship helps you take responsibility for yourself, your thoughts and your actions, understand better how you think and how to make the necessary changes for the better. Step by step you can create new meanings, fulfil your life and develop your potentialities.

An open-source and open collaboration approach that will make the experience more accessible and possible to be “hacked” by anyone, allowing not only individuals but also organisations and corporations to benefit from the Walking Mentorship methodology.

The objective of the Walking Mentorship is to spark a transformative movement. The different usages of this self-development Philosophy can benefit all ages, backgrounds and geographies. From Corporations to Schools, the individual will always be at the center of the change process, connecting instinctively with nature and as consequence with the people around.

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The Methodology


This is the first objective of any Walking Mentorship program. To provide you with a trustworthy space where you can focus on yourself and, in a supportive environment, have the opportunity to slow down, clear your mind and gain perspective of where you are right now.

WALK+WALK+WALK: Physical activity is key for stress reduction, boosting the brain’s dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin levels—all of which affect focus, concentration, motivation, memory, and mood. You do not need to climb the Everest to have this: we design our program to keep both, the challenge and the enjoyment of the experience within a controlled and safe environment.

DISCONNECT TO CONNECT (BETTER): We live in a 24/7 connected world. While the benefits of this environment are countless, the noise it creates is sometimes unbearable. The benefits of time off cannot be achieved if you are not able to disconnect from your daily life for a minimum period of time. Completely. This is why we choose to go off the beaten track, for periods ranging from 1 day up to a full week.

MENTORING: Our program creates the perfect framework to spend time with yourself as well as with other group members. This is an extremely rare exercise nowadays and that most of us are not used to. We care about every moment to help you reach and benefit from the focus it creates within days.

  • Quietness – Find the opportunity and time to hear your thoughts and interact with them.

  • Physical Challenge – It will test your physical and mental perseverance, but it will be incredibly rewarding.

  • True Companionship – You won’t be alone. Next to you will always be someone ready to support you.

  • Unusual lodging – After a long day, expect to find yourself resting in an amazing and unusual setting.

  • Fantastic Meals – Taste and learn more about the richness of the local gastronomy.

  • Survival Kit – The guide that will follow you during the entire program and well beyond that.

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João Perre Viana is an accomplished mentor, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author and Business consultant, with over 20 years’ experience creating new business models, brands and innovative services.

Alongside his work in Marketing and Communications, João works with companies, schools, entrepreneurs, and other professionals on how to take ownership of your own “path” in life and tell stories that bridge the gap between business and heart to build stronger brands and happier People.

Academic, Consulting and Advisory :

  • How Walking can save the World?

  • Business + Career Mentorship

  • Business Models Creation for a new Economy

  • Crossroads of Disciplines

  • Managing Uncertainty

  • A Framework for the Digital Revolution 4.0

From nature to business João’s story talks are beneficial to anybody wanting to improve their self-development skills. You will discover the beautiful metaphors learned along the thousand of kilometres walked and how they apply into our life. In João’s speeches and seminars, he will share his process for creating and revising your vision, purpose and how to achieve it.

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