Walking Mentorship | The Story

The concept took almost twenty years to prepare. Supported by research along with hundreds of walks with family, friends and their friends the Walking Mentorship was created.


How do you climb a mountain? The same way you climb two!

The difference is that you are more experienced in the second round, and the difficulties seem to be less of a problem and more of a learning opportunity. The process becomes the objective, and the present moment, a glimpse of eternity.

At the end of 2015, the first groups hit the road with their backpacks. Since that day, hundreds of people worldwide have joined our different out of doors and online programs.

João Perre Viana founded the Walking Mentorship, and a few years later, was joined by Nuno Santos Fernandes as a partner. Based on an innovative service model, the WM has been partnering with different co-mentors from various geographies and also organizations committed to unleashing their teams' full potential.

Always walking, always in nature. Our programs, help you to slow down with mentoring support in a trustworthy space where you can focus, clear your mind, and gain perspective. This is an opportunity to simplify life and go back to basics, naturally, step by step, just like walking. 

By the end of each program, you will revisit your ultimate purpose and ignite your passion to achieve the fundamental vision of your life. You will gain a deep understanding of what truly motivates you and the ability to turn it into an action plan.

Methodology | A virtuous circle


Walking Mentorship helps you (re)connect with your ultimate purpose. Revise your priorities and gain clarity where and how you want to go next.

Developing yourself to become the person you want to be is the biggest challenge of life. No one can do that for you! Walking Mentorship helps you take ownership and responsibility of your thoughts and your actions. The methodology coined Survival Kit will support you to understand better how you think and how you can make the necessary changes. To walk, you need to start with two legs. The rest is optional. Step by step you can create new meanings. How?

WALK: Walking is much more than exercise. It is vital for stress reduction, focus, concentration, motivation, memory, and mood. When you walk you develop yourself at your own pace.

NATURE: An in-depth look into nature help us understand everything better. Ultimately we are all one.

LISTEN: Pay attention with your ears, eyes, and heart. Search for meaning beyond words.

QUESTION: Create the habit of thinking and reflecting upon what life throws at you before acting.

RESPONSIBILITY: Develop ownership and conscious about your actions and related impact.

PURPOSE: See beyond goals and results, aim for a meaningful life.

SHARING: Tap into our global narrative and History, learning from others.

TAKE ACTION: Turn your work into something tangible, tasks that live inside your calendar and life.

Teaching | Speaking


J. Perre Viana the founder of Walking Mentorship is an accomplished entrepreneur, and keynote speaker. He has over 20 years’ experience creating new business models, and innovative services.

Alongside his work in Marketing and Communications, João works with companies, schools, entrepreneurs, and other professionals on how to take ownership of your own “path” in life and tell stories that bridge the gap between business and heart to build stronger brands and happier People. Some of João’s favorite topics and classes are  :

  • How Walking can change your life?                                                         
  • Business + Career Mentorship
  • Crossroads of Disciplines
  • Managing Uncertainty

Focus on life-work balance is starting to become part of today’s business narrative, and consequently, the future generation is paying more attention to this balance. Ideas such as what it means to lead a purposeful life are climbing to the top of the list of priorities in our world. 

From nature to business João’s story talks are beneficial to anybody wanting to improve their self-development skills. You will discover the beautiful metaphors learned along the thousand of kilometers walked and how they apply to our life.

In João’s classes and seminars, he will share his process for creating and revising your vision, purpose, and how to achieve it. Walking can help you become more flexible and adaptable, two of the most important skills in the 21st Century.