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    Amazing things can happen when we are able to hold the possibility!
    One of the beautiful things that happen in our programs is that participants challenge their perceived limits and move towards a better version of themselves.

    It seems that the magic that allows for this to happen comes from walking in nature.
    We truly believe in the huge impact that walking in nature has on our lives, and this is supported by science.

    But the real magic happens inside the participants, in their hearts and minds. It happens in conscience. The conscience that dares to hold the possibility that a different reality can come to be. And when that happens, everything is possible!

    Can you hold the possibility that your life can be better? Can you see that better life in your mind? Can you keep that thought as a reality in your mind?

    Yes, I know this can be hard. It is challenging, but what can be more important than your ideal future?

    I first paid attention to this expression – “holding the possibility” – when we recorded our podcast with Jane Murray. The way Jane said this and made it real stayed with me and has been going around in my mind. In fact, the idea is so powerful that it allowed Jane to create KindePay – that transforms the way we pay by valuing acts of kindness.

    It is brilliantly simple but utterly revolutionary, especially because it has the potential to bring a totally new perspective about payment and exchanges. Try it in your mind: what would you love to pay with kindness? What could you pay for in kindness? Give it a try. See how you feel.

    And if you really want to give it a try, we are already featuring it in the price structure of our programs. This might be the perfect opportunity to try Kindepay and enjoy the safe space to hold the possibility of your ideal future in one of our upcoming programs.

    But whatever you do, make sure to hold the possibility that your life can be better!


    Our next guest on the Walkcast – Keep Walking Me – is Micaela Giacobbe. Micaela is the charismatic founder of the networking platform for senior executives in luxury travel, Connections.

    Micaela was the head of marketing and communications for Reed Exhibitions and later joined Jacobs Media Group.

    She is a true globetrotter responsible for delivering events in more than 50 destinations across the world. Get your headphones and walking shoes ready, and let’s go for a walk. Click on the image to listen.

    Walkcast Micaela Giacobbe

    On the 19th of February 2022, we will be back with an exclusive event. A Walkinar together with other Alumni towards the best version of ourselves. You will reflect on your action plan, what is working and what is not working. Register here.


    Walking Mentorship is a labour of love that helps you gain deeper insight and equips you to create a meaningful impact in your life and those around you. How can we work together? We keep things simple by offering Immersive,  short-term and Corporate programs. Check the best fit for you.  

    Keep walking with me,
    Nuno Santos Fernandes
    Partner of Walking Mentorship

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