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    I don’t know about you, but for me, sitting on a dentist’s chair gives me the chills even before the sound of the drill starts. I never had a healthy relationship with my tooth or any dental-related matters except for one thing, my Dentist, the best Dentist in my world.

    When I was very young, I had to pull out a gigantic molar at a clinic (go figure). The endeavor turned out to be a horror movie, mainly because of the roots being so big and robust that they wouldn’t even nudge a bit.

    The young Dentist was very kind. He kept talking and doing his best to calm down the more than scared little kid in front of him. Unfortunately, nothing helped and has time pass; my brain went on an anxiety rampage.

    Out of desperation, I thought that escaping from the scene I was living, could be a good solution. I looked at my Dad (he was nearby), the compassionate doctor, and suggested that since things were not working out, I could leave, go home and come back the next day (I was being honest).

    Few seconds of silence and perplexity were followed by an extraordinary moment that I will never forget.

    The kind Dentist stared at me, placed his hand on my shoulder, and, using a peaceful voice, told me, not to worry, because I was strong enough. He also told me that if we worked together, we would overcome that situation. Finally, he also mentioned that my father should offer me the biggest ice-cream in town after we leave the clinic.

    I closed my eyes and felt a profound relaxation and also a firm push on my mouth. A sense of relief took over the air and an exclamation of pure joy emerged (not from my mouth).

    Augusto was the best Dentist in my world. During the following thirty-seven years, I developed a profound admiration and friendship for such a humane professional. For many years I worked and lived abroad, and would book a flight to Portugal to make sure to have my dental appointment with him, before leaving the country.

    He was a safe harbor. Those types of people, that when they are around, our confidence and hope gains a tremendous boost. And how much we need this courage around us in the current situation.

    Last December, like almost all the time, I called the clinic because my lousy tooth was giving me trouble. I understood talking to Augusto’s wife that he was not doing so well, but he would make it possible to attend me.

    The pleasure to see him was immense, invariably. I was just not aware that the best Dentist in my world was about to be called to another dimension. When I learned recently about his passing, my heart ached as it should when you see a loved one departing.

    Augusto taught me essential lessons, I would like to share with you.

    1) It is possible to be profoundly human and, at the same time, an excellent professional.

    2) One value feeds the other, and both make the world a better place.

    3) Augusto train me to face challenging and difficult moments with tranquility.

    4) He showed me that if we learn to work together, we become stronger enough to overcome the dark nights of our lives.

    The times we are currently living, make me believe we all could use a little bit of Augusto’s wisdom. Starting with fewer divisions and more unity.

    I wish you strength and peace to continue your interior journey through the days. And if you have lost someone recently, I have good news. The best Dentist in my world is now available in the Promised Land.

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    Keep walking with me,
    João Perre Viana
    Founder of Walking Mentorship


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