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    Listening is the act of hearing attentively. I think it is potentially one of the most powerful skills nowadays. Listening is core to building trust and rapport. It is a central piece of effective communication and collaboration. It is a catalyzer of innovation and creativity.

    When active listening partners with critical thinking, together, they influence the quality of our decisions. Listening to us and paying attention to others is fundamental. Nevertheless, we listen so little.

    Listening requires undivided attention.

    Listening is potentially the most adequate sense to deal with the complexity of our life.

    In a noisy culture like ours, true listening can only take place and be meaningful when we are fully present or when we are surrounded by silence. Stepping back allows filtering the background noise that confines us. We can only see and hear certain things when there are no distractions around.

    Open the ear of your heart!


    In Japan, active listening leverages several sinograms, including ears, eyes, heart, and undivided attention. Actively listening is being present. Ears, eyes, mind and heart listen altogether.
    Listening requires resilience as it integrates several components and senses, and it entails practice and confidence to deal with them all.


    Dare to go for a walk, reflect and listen.


    How often do you pay full attention to what is being said? Do you listen more to respond or to understand? Have you experienced people in meetings dealing with analysis and reports related to completing different matters? Have you been in more than one remote meeting at a time?

    When was the last time you actively listened to yourself and to others, including your team?
    Walking in nature may help you to reflect honestly and creatively about it. Allow the power of silence to serve you.

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