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The 0,00 KM is a travel diary. Here you will find pictures with a story, mentors that changed other people’s lives, and morning thoughts that led the way.

  • landofconfusion

Land of Confusion

May 31st, 2020|0 Comments

Many people are referring to the opportunities we are opening up in the "new normal". But are we truly seeing the challenge? Is it the virus? The economy? The politicians? Is it the "Marshall plans" the markets are claiming? Maybe the health crisis? Or perhaps it is just my neighbor that celebrates every Sunday a corona party without a face mask. As we proceed in these exceptional times, I wonder what part of the challenge are we missing?

  • Have a sit

Have a sit

May 2nd, 2020|0 Comments

Some people are bored to be at home; others are fed up with the limited freedom of movements. Some people cannot take any more Zoom meetings or classes; others are depressed with different conspiracy theories. Some people don’t remember anymore what day of the week is, others want to jump directly to 2021. Honestly, I think we are all tired. And I am going to take a sit.

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