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    I am sure that you all remember from your childhood the experience of riding a Carousel, what probably differs from country to country is the popular claims the speaker usually uses to gather clients around.

    In Azenhas do Mar in Portugal where I grown up as a kid, the expression “One more token, one more ride, Carousel Alegria, babies don’t pay but they also don’t ride” become an institution in our vocabulary until today.

    What I learned and kept from those days, was the incredible feeling that every new ride was truly unique, even if done together with the same friends, over and over. Those intensive minutes of pure happiness always comprised the fresh possibility that only new starts can give you.

    After an endless winter of waiting and dreaming, the first Walking Mentorship group of 2017 is about to hit the road this weekend, and despite the promise to walk upon known paths, every new group brings always the incredible feeling of a new world of possibilities, just like a new ride in the Carousel of happiness.

    There are moments in our life that we need to make time to ourselves in order to gain perspective and clarify the road ahead. Every day of our life is a token for a new ride and it is up to you to choose what you will do with such opportunity.    

    If you like to walk in nature at your own pace and feel the need to continuously develop, Walking Mentorship might be the best thing you can offer to yourself –    

    Upcoming programs

    Parents and Kids - Walking Mentorship
    1 place available

    Parents & Kids | Spain

    23 July - 30 July 2022

    Walking Mentorship Oeste
    3 places available

    Walk in Oeste | Portugal

    1 September - 4 September 2022

    Camino de Santiago - Walking Mentorship
    5 places available

    Camino de Santiago | Spain

    1 October - 9 October 2022

    Costa Vicentina - immersive programs
    3 places available

    Costa Vicentina | Portugal

    14 October - 21 October 2022

    Rota Teresiana - Walking Mentorship
    8 places available

    Rota Teresiana | Spain

    22 October - 29 October 2022

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