How many paths can take you to the top?

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Back from the Alps few weeks ago, I have been thinking about one of the takeaways from my journey, related with a feeling that most of us have surely experienced already.

When we walk a marked route, we somehow feel safe that if we follow the signs sooner or later we will arrive at our destination. This is especially important when you are surrounded  by nature elements that you need to respect and take into consideration.

During one of the long and beautiful ascents in the region around the Col du Grand Saint Bernard, a magnificent open air amphitheatre of mountains, one particular conversation got stuck in my head. It was related with the different paths we know and how it is possible to achieve the summit of a mountain.

The conversation started with religion, a topic I must say, returns very often at this altitude 🙂 .Basically our philosophical dissertation took us to the point were we could agree that the “Creator” of all things (no matter the name or affiliation) is like a mountain, a reference above the ground, and the different religions and beliefs the different paths that lead us to the top.

Maybe the oxygen, maybe the honesty of our talk, made all the conflicts related with doctrine seem to be shortsighted…among other topics.    

We went on climbing and enjoying our path, but my eyes started slowly drifting into the endless possibilities every little trail diverging from ours presented to my eyes. I would stop and look until I could see where the little line would take us, suddenly, it was clear to me , that there where dozens of options to go over and around the massive rock all the way to the top.

How can we relate this impressions to our own life? To our work? To the way we have been doing things, to the way we think?

It is interesting to observe in a world where it seems that all major questions and problems have been solved by algorithms and big data simulators, there are still so many paths beyond the obvious that can lead us to the summit. If we were just brave enough to try a different approach…This weekend, go for a walk and maybe you can find some alternatives.   

The Walking Mentorship helps you to clarify your hopes and dreams; Assess your needs, skills and situation; Set goals to achieve what you desire and create an action plan to make your aspiration come true.


In the middle of your mountain

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Every time you climb a mountain there is a moment of truth, somewhere along the way between the bottom and the top, where you might stop and look around. You will wonder if what you have ahead is less than what you have behind.

This thought can be just an instant, but what you take out of it will impact the remaining of your journey.

If your legs are tired and all you can see is a dark sky over your head promising thunder and lightning, I can assure you that the kilometres you have in front will turn into walls, giants or barriers made of stone and almost insurmountable.

Think about your own life for a moment.

Do you know how far you are along your route?

How motivated do you feel to continue? Are you afraid of those cold black clouds?

Are you travelling solo? Who is truly around you? Why do you want to continue? 

Those are not questions with easy answers, but those are the answers that can keep your pace and your inspiration to keep on going and face whatever the mountain and the sky throws at you.

No one can climb the mountain for you, but you don’t have to climb it alone.

The Walking Mentorship program is unique and unrepeatable, not only because of the experiences you will face but mainly because of the personal exploration you will endure to reconnect with yourself and your life purpose.

This is a week without fast-forward, skip or replay button, instead you can pause and zoom out in your daily activity. When the need to gain perspective and clarify the road ahead arrives, you know it is time to get your backpack and go.

In July (23-29) we walk above the clouds in Via Francigena (crossing the Alps between Switzerland and Italy). We still have 2 places available, is it yours?