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    Change represents a range of possibilities and a sea of opportunities. But change is a tough process with ups and downs, straight roads, bumps, steep paths, clean water flow streams and muddy puddles. And “but” is a killing word!

    Did you ever interact with a person in denial about possibilities or very skeptical about a change opportunity?

    I have experienced several situations where different people were very skeptical or resistant to change. I can think about change within a project, transformation within an organization or personal development.

    Some people are quiet and avoid the discussion about change. Some voice their resistance and are focused on proving their point. Others are discreet and undermine the field, not only others but also theirs’.

    Go for a walk and think about your own situations…

    Reality surpasses fiction, isn’t it?

    Change benefits may be tangible. Successful transformation stories can be loud and clear. What if people are not listening?

    Self-sabotage can be a substantial issue in terms of personal development. Limiting beliefs can be derailers and lead to unbalance, dissatisfaction and burnout.

    MY HEARTBEAT ROCKETS when I hear “it has always been like that”, my heartbeat rockets!

    I get mad, inside only, and at the same time further energized to create an environment where each person can discover the art of possibilities and cultivate the mastery of change and growth.

    I trust people’s inner greatness and the process that allows us to unlock our potential and facilitate growth into our best versions.

    A burning platform is favourable to change, and a crisis stimulates creativity and the ability to adjust to change.

    But do we need to risk getting burned?

    A lot of people are comfy in the so-called “comfort zone” and do not dare to go out and take risks to develop themselves further.

    And to be honest, the comfort zone is often not so comfortable.
    I hear people talking about their comfort zone as being dull, sometimes painful, taking part in activities that are mainly drainers and not boosters, prioritizing the urgent in detriment of what is important.
    It is, however, what they know and have always known. They repeatedly believe this is what is expected from them by others and themselves.

    The world became BANI, i.e., Brittle, Anxious, Non-linear and Incomprehensible.
    Mental health issues are announced as an emergent silent pandemic.

    Investing in your growth is the best gift.

    I learned that courage comes from Latin cuor agire, which means acting with our heart.

    People who have the courage to go out of their comfort zone and take risks are thrilled by the opportunity to be questioned, listen to different perspectives, be inspired by others’ experiences, and learn by doing.

    Being in the learning zone will energize you and catalyze and sustain change and growth.
    Many situations in life are like going on a hike: the view changes once you start walking.

    Are you waiting for you and your team to be burned out to take action? Or are you willing to proactively cultivate your and your team’s growth mindset and develop into the best version of yourselves?

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    Our next guest on the Walkcast – Keep Walking Me – is Shannon Stowell. Shannon is the CEO of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). He is on a mission to empower a global travel community to deliver experiences that protect natural and cultural capital while creating shared economic value.

    Shannon shares what he has learned over the years about entrepreneurship, responsible tourism, and conservation — not to mention the amazing encounters with people, places, and cultures. It’s true: You can indeed change the world by going on vacation. Get your headphones and walking shoes ready, and let’s go for a Walkcast. Click on the image to listen.



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    Keep walking with me,
    Cristina Barradas
    Mentor of Walking Mentorship

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