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    Some time ago, due to excuses and procrastination from my side, I thought that by not thinking or looking at my surroundings, the weeds would not grow, and the grass would take care of itself. I got used to seeing just what I wanted to see.

    I was wrong because a few weeks ago, I had the (crazy) idea of buying chickens and a hen house. The problem was that I could not even reach the place I thought to place them. A small tropical forest had replaced most of the area and as a consequence, the amount of work I had to put in to clean the space was beyond painful—what a lesson, to my hands, and back.

    Choose your pain
    Halfway there

    During the”fight” against the weeds, the wise words from my grandfather came to my mind. He often asked me to choose my pain because if I didn’t do it, most likely someone would and not necessarily picking the best (pain) for me. And once again, he was right.

    I firmly believe that we are currently living a “chose your pain” kind of moment in the world while facing the COVID-19. Communities, regions and entire continents are bracing into very difficult decisions that will impact our lives in unpredictable ways and we all start feeling already the impact on our daily day. To give you an example, my classes planned for next week in Barcelona just turned a few hours ago into online sessions.

    So what can we do?

    Following the procedures from the WHO will not cure the COVID-19, but it is a”pain” that we can choose to avoid putting unbearable pressure on our health systems.

    Refrain to buy all the toilet paper in the supermarket and on all occasions behave with the utmost civilized manners.

    The way we act in the coming weeks will determine the course of (this) History and that will lead us to overcome this pandemic, which we will!

    Now, think about this.

    We have the incredible opportunity to learn precious lessons. Not only will we fight this virus better, but mainly we need to choose our”pain” when it comes to the environmental and migration crisis we are living. Each one alone can bring way more problems than the ones we are currently living in. Pilling up tuna cans in your kitchen closet will not help.

    Do you know what I think?

    – We should stay positive and focused but also flexible to turn threats into opportunities.

    – We should care about others the same way we care about ourselves and our loved ones.

    – If you are not happy with what is happening in your region or city, make sure you vote in the next election because, during this crisis, we all understand more clearly the power of our vote to elect (ir)responsible and (in)competent politicians. No matter what…

    Choose your pain!

    If in the coming weeks of months, you want to use this time to gain clarity upon your current moment and start preparing to move forward, reach out, and apply for the online Walk and Talk program with me (click for more info).

    We must learn to make the best of a bad situation. Until then, stay healthy, and

    Keep walking with me,
    João Perre Viana
    Founder of Walking Mentorship

    choose your pain

    PS* And soon I hope to show you pictures of our first homemade fresh eggs 🙂

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