One of the things that I loved the most in my mentoring activity is the possibility of walking outdoors all year long.

By being so often in contact with nature I have the chance to see how the different cycles of Life continuously progress despite all challenges mankind are imposing on the planet and also on themselves.

If you pay attention, after the explosion of colours that typically occur during the Fall season, the land supposedly enters a resting period that lasts until the end of the winter, then suddenly, one day, a little bud or sprout its spotted on a plant or tree and voila, a new cycle is again visible.

What we usually don’t think or talk about, is what is happening underneath the ground. What we cannot see.

During those silent winter months a deep work takes place at the core of each cell of the Earth. Humans included, obviously.

In order to have results, first we need to prepare the soil. Normally you have to revolve the dirt, turn it upside down and mixture some manure. In other words if it doesn’t envolve dung, horse apples, cow chips or crap it will not work.

This is also the time of the year, you should do the same with your life. You received 365 days to make things inside and around you better. To grow and prosper.


What did you achieved ? What did you contribute to advance or mature? Did you tried to make the world around you a better place?

No matter your answer, whats done is done.

Now it is time to prepare the “ground” for the new cycle. Reset the counter to zero. 

Collect everything that happen to you throughout the year and mix it well.

If by chance you don’t have enough shit in your life (we all do, I think), don’t worry, I am sure you can find some spare one nearby.

Then it is time to nourish the miracle of life and take full responsibility.

Clarify the meaning of your purpose, the direction you want to take and the actions you are going to implement.

You know why?

Because this life it’s on you! It is just one way.

Most likely, next Spring you will see “something” come out of the ground! Good job!

If you need help to take the first step, It will be my pleasure to walk with you towards a better life.

Keep walking with me,

 João Perre Viana