Participants in our programs regularly say that their experience has transformed how they see things. The positive energy of the routes we walk, the group dynamics, the change of scene and the inspiring views all around can open new perspectives in the mind. From a practical point of view, you can expect unusual local food and exclusive accommodation, stimulating interaction with a group of no more than ten people, new learning, quiet time and experience of mindful walks.

The WM is a program created to help individuals to clarify their hopes and dreams; while walking remarkable routes together with a small group you will assess your needs, skills and situation; set goals to achieve what you desire and create an action plan to make your dreams come true. Everyday we have a clear objective, intermediate milestones and exercises to support your experience.

Our regular programs run from Sunday to Sunday, 8 days and 7 nights. A typical day starts with breakfast and a briefing where the “Survival Kit” exercise of the day is explained in detail. Before starting our walk the route section to be covered is reviewed and your walking peers are assigned. Mornings are dedicated to cover most of our daily distances and afternoons are a mix of time to rest, private quiet time, individual mentoring and group activities. 

We encourage unplugging during our programs, to maximise the value of the experience. However, we recognise that participants often need to remain in touch with work or family. The choice is yours and free wi-fi is usually available at every accommodation.

All our programs target unusual places and the opportunity to stay with people that contribute to amplify our experience. From charming lodging in unique manor houses, century-old monasteries, mountain resorts or eco-farms, authenticity is at the core of our choices.  The majority of our stays have bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and you will share your room with other participant (same gender). The places we choose have spacious living areas with beautiful gardens and outdoors. 

All meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) are fully catered and meant to be occasions to savour and enjoy. There will be one exercise were you will be invited to experiment mindful eating. We have the objective to balance different possibilities of meals, mixing local cuisine with delicious, creative vegetarian food. Ingredients are always fresh, and wherever possible organic and locally sourced. If you have specific dietary restrictions or preferences, we’ll try to build these into the menu. All meals are accompanied by complimentary drinks, including wine and beer if you wish. A wide range of hot and fresh drinks is available at any time.

The balance we seek between walking and reflecting is very important, meaning that we try to divide the day in a way that both tools come into play. Usually we spend the morning period walking (with plenty of stops) and the afternoon resting. On average, our daily distance reach between 15-20 km.

We understand that it can be difficult to translate new learnings into everyday life. Sustaining learning is therefore a strong theme of all our programs. You’ll have a conversation with João Perre Viana before the start of the program, and after the walk a follow-up call within 2 weeks. Once you finish the walk, if you wish,  you can have access to regular Mentoring Sessions and Case Clinics, a process where a group of peers help as consultants, generating new ways to look at a challenge or question and developing new approaches. You’ll go home with a set of practical tools and techniques you can use every day to feel more resourceful putting in practice your action plan.

We aim to make our  programs accessible to any healthy adult. No previous experience of walking activities is necessary. For this you need only an average level of fitness, suitable footwear and light, layered outdoor clothing. A list of essentials is provided during the initial orientation talks. You should feel confortable carrying a backpack for 5-7 hours. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about this.

The first step to join the walking mentorship is to book an exploration session here, this is a 30m Skype or conference call that will be used to explain in more detail the program, answer any questions you might have and understand if there is a good match between your expectations and the program dynamics. In order for the group to be able to have a deep and authentic experience, participation is by application only. Please tell us what motivates you to participate.

Every program has two different prices. One for Alumni, people that already participated in previous years and a price for newcomers. If you really want to make the program and there is a good match, there are few options to make your payment. We can talk in detail during the exploration session and find the best solution.