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    It has been a week since we returned from Via Francigena across the Alps, and I have to confess that there is so much to digest that I could only distill the essence of the last weeks by writing, and this is what I want to share with you.

    At a certain point in our program, we were invited to write a letter to ourselves from our future version twenty years from now. It is an exercise that can be extremely powerful if you decide to make such a journey, which I did with all the other people we shared the road with.


    Dear João,                                                                          August 2043

    You tend to live so worried all the time. The programs, the replies, the e-mails, what is missing, and what is still waiting to be done are never enough of what you do. Do you want a piece of advice from someone walking a bit ahead of you? I guess it can be useful.

    Why don’t you try to replace all the struggling with Love? Yes, Love!
    Try to place Love for everything and everyone. Try to criticize less, or even better, stop criticizing.

    Love the people close to you. Give, trust, and build. Take your kids on a journey with you every year; this is the best legacy you can leave them. Love all their perfect imperfections.

    Offer your hand to the ones getting closer to the moment of passage in this life. If it is difficult to talk, write. Words have power and strength.

    Try to attend the biweekly lunches with your brother and sister. Make sure that you replace any disagreement with a good laugh. Laughing is the component that brings together and helps build any relationship.

    Regarding your work, don’t worry so much. Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. Continue loving what you are doing, and you will be successful.

    Be whole at each moment, each smile, each word, each step, and above all, be whole at every opportunity to Love. Keep going. Flow + Fullness. Ride your life with flowfulness.

    Keep walking,
    João, the older version at the age of 71


    Maybe it is time to write a letter from your wiser version of the future to your younger self. What do you think? Go for a walk, find a nice place, and give it a try. We can even suggest a song to go along.

    If you need a little encouragement to do so, look at our Walking Mentorship program that is coming up at the end of October in Costa Vicentina, and this time, we might share the road.

    Ultreia et Suseia

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    The last week of August was also the time for our annual program in Via Francigena, between Switzerland and Italy, an immersive group program. Our experience was absolutely unrepeatable, and the weather even helped with a two-day snowstorm at the top of the Grand Saint Bernard. What a wonderful week walking with such beautiful people towards the best version of ourselves.

    Flowfulness - 0,00km Newsletter - September 2023
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    Vicentina | Portugal 28 October – 4 November (3 places available)
    Year-end | Portugal 7 December – 10 December (8 places available)

    Flowfulness - 0,00km Newsletter - September 2023 + Costa Vicentina

    Flowfulness - 0,00km Newsletter - September 2023 + Year-end program


    Walking Mentorship is a labor of love that helps you gain deeper insight and equips you to create a meaningful impact on your life and those around you.

    How can we work together? We keep things simple by offering GroupIndividual, and Corporate programs. Check the best fit for you. Until then, keep walking with me,

    Flowfulness - 0,00km Newsletter - September 2023

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