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    Along the Sanabres way, already close to Santiago de Compostela, there is a special place in a different time zone, its called Casa Leiras in the small village of Dornelas. If you are fortunate enough to find it, some views will never leave your mind.

    The first couple of times I walked by I am afraid I either did not noticed the sign on the door or I was submersed in too heavy thoughts, until one day I stop and went inside.

    When I close my eyes I still can sense the early morning breeze and Andrea looking into the horizon with his open arms saying  – This is my Laos, my Laos – I guess he was right.

    People make places, but places also make people, and nothing is more powerful when both situations reshape the face of the planet. Casa Leiras its one of those. The place is run by a beautiful Italian family that managed to fool Earth´s rotation allowing everyone to live in GMT+ Love time.

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