Walking Mentorship Goals Achievement Methodology

Our experience proves that achieving goals is a process that consists of few main steps. The order of them is optional but there are no shortcuts.

Step 1.
Consider your success goals
Step 2.
Goals setting as a ongoing process
Step 3.
reach your goals in a structured Self-development plan
Step 4.
Goal motivation is not abstract, you will need inspiration and daily motivation for every step of your plan.
Step 5.
All previews steps are up to 75% more efficient and faster with an experienced mentor support, rather than doing it alone.

These are simple steps on how to set goals and achieve them.

Success goals

Real goals are objectives for which you agree to make some efforts and endure certain challenges and only an authentic purpose will inspire you to follow your every day intention.

On the first step you need to envision your dreams and wishes. You will need to make time and focus your attention and efforts. If your purpose is clear, it will motivate you naturally reaching your goal, if not, you probably need to spend some more time working around it.

The next important thing is to understand that not all of your objectives can be reached at the same time. Most likely every separate outcome will be reached in its own time. Being aware of it make us understand that all our objectives need to be structured over a time plan.

What is goals setting

At Walking Mentorship we support people in achieving personal and professional goals. These types of goals in most cases means career goals and different professional goals. The main challenge in goals setting process is to convert different personal objectives into a structured and meaningful action plan backed by your purpose. Besides being supported by a professional mentor every person needs to find motivational factors that will keep up on track of achieving goals.

This way we help our participants to transform wishes into smart goals. Smart goals setting process is a key element of WM methodology.

How to achieve goals

To reach your goals you will need a road map. In our programs it is called a “self-development plan”. This plan defines what goals types you want to achieve: career goals or other professional goals and rank them by short term goals and long term goals.

Identify, “short term goals” in your strategy is crucial in goals setting. First of all, you need to understand that every desired outcome consists of small steps. Besides achieving smart goals it is important to keep a motivational factor. You need to be motivated every day in order to reach your desired goal.

Another component in reaching goals success is mentoring support according to Walking Mentorship methodology. In general we use mentoring support to track and support the self-development plan and the level of motivation. It facilitates the efficiency of the individual personal development process.

Goal motivation is the last success component of WM methodology. We include two levels in our programs, in order to help participants self-motivation. Mentoring support is the first motivational factor of our methodology and extrinsic motivation is the other one. Our mentoring support begins even earlier than the mentorship program – it starts with individual mentor support during the introductory session and continues in small mentorship groups after concluding the walking part of Program.

Goal motivation

When your objectives are smart and clear and you can imagine the process of reaching your goals you can start felling to move forward. But on this way there is one hidden challenge. This “test” maybe is the most difficult in whole the process. It is the most difficult because you will need to gain ownership of the process – nobody can do it besides you. You can plan your development with an experienced mentor and you will receive help from your mentoring group, but to make your plan real you will need to have control of the process. And to do this you will need to be self-motivated. The only way for this is your goal inspiration. If your dreams and purpose motivate you correctly, it will be a natural step, if not – you probably need to revise the reason why you do what you do.

Besides that you will need to act every day as a first day and try to find motivation for your daily action plan. Mentor and friends will support you, but to move ahead you will need to be yourself.

If you are ready to move forward, check our mentorship programs and contact us for an introductory session.

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