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    Dear Pilgrim,

    Last weekend was many weeks ago. At least in my mind and probably also for a small group of beautiful people I had the pleasure to share the “road” with.

    From Friday to Sunday, ten people from six different countries, dedicated a handful of quality time to slow down, gain perspective, and turn their best ideas into actions. Hours wrapped in the beautiful scenery of Monte Falperras in Alqueva Lake. The cherry on top of the cake? The stars, always the stars.

    During three days, we walked around the big lake, we thought about our current moment in life and played with color pencils on the survival kit.

    There are no two equal groups, and this one was not an exception.

    It always strikes me how much I can learn just by observing, listening, and allow myself to blend with others. I tend to see each person as an element of the periodic table, and each walking mentorship program a sequence of chemical reactions.

    Among the side effects of such experiences, some moments are so powerful, that the learnings and connections they produce, stick to your skin forever. Creating what we know as emotional anchoring.

    Pure Emotional Anchoring in the making

    An “anchor” is a powerful tool in our life because it can trigger a stimulus that retrieves a desired emotional state. A great example is when you hear a piece of music or a story that brings back a particular emotion or feeling associated with something that you were doing.

    You can recall any particular emotional state that you desire. You create an anchor for creativity, for motivation, for feeling powerful, for love, for happiness, and so on. Anchoring – It’s everywhere! And also in the stars.

    On Saturday after dinner, we did an unusual little stroll. A night walk. When we stopped, we placed some blankets on the ground, music, a candle, and sit.

    Little by little, our eyes dissolved into the massive planetarium above our heads. One hour and one shooting star later, that evening becomes part of our personal history. Simple, authentic, and beautiful such as the hearts around me.

    The following day, while returning back home, the sun was hot, and the Sky made of a deep blue. I look up and could not see the stars anymore, but one thought held my breath for a moment.

    Just Because You Can’t See It Doesn’t Mean It’s Not There

    For me, that was the core learning of the weekend. A simple sentence I want to remember for a long time. Especially when I meet new people, visit new places or like in many situations in life, when I cannot fully understand or accept what unfolds in front of me.

    Next time you glance into the Sky during the day, don’t forget to look at the stars, because they are there.

    Today I start a new program in the Caminos de Santiago, and I am ready to be part of another chemical reaction.

    If you think it is time to see beyond the obvious and produce some emotional anchors, on July (6-13) the program in the Alps has two places available. In the meantime,

          Keep walking with me
                João Perre Viana 
         Founder of Walking Mentorship

    * Pilgrim – A pilgrim (from the Latin peregrinus) is a traveler (literally one who has come from afar) who is on a journey (usually on foot) to a special place. 

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