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    Attending tourism and travel events can be tiring, but life is more exciting when you try new things. At the beginning of March, I visited the ITB Fair in Berlin, an excellent opportunity to reconnect with old and new friends, see new and old sights, be inspired, and challenge yourself to think differently. That’s precisely what I did, and I want to share some of my highlights with you:


    1) There were a few things that surprised me at the event. First, many companies were interested in meeting the Walking Mentorship and learning more about our programs. Secondly, those meetings opened up the possibility of developing programs in different locations, proving that the market is becoming more open to transformational experiences. The fair was gigantic, and at times, I almost felt like inside a race, but it was a lot of fun, especially driving a Formula 1.

    Kindness is a passport - Walking Mentorship newsletter. Formula 1

    2) One of the things I did in Berlin was catch up with old friends. What a blessing to keep relationships over the years. On one of the days, I met one of my students when I was living in Kazakhstan, Arash Davar. We haven’t seen each other for almost twenty years. But our meeting had to be delayed for half an hour because of a funny episode.


    I was going to meet Arash early in the morning by train. But, at a certain point, just one stop before my destination, I noticed that many people left the train. I assumed that it was a popular train station. After a while, the door closed, and the train continued. But, after a minute, the train stopped, and the engine turned off. I looked around and noticed no one in my wagon, and all the train compositions were also empty.


    I had to use my phone and Google Translator to scan the different signs near the door to avoid making an expensive mistake and to find a way to receive help. After a while, a kind voice told me not to worry and that in about 10-15 minutes, they would drive the train back to the previous station so I could get off. I am almost sure I was the only Portuguese in the world who “owned” an entire train for himself during a few minutes of rush hour in Berlin.

    Kindness is a passport - Walking Mentorship newsletter. Train alone

    3) It was interesting to see that my former Student still remembered my words from the first day of class and the candy I brought to award right (and wrong) answers. When you plant seeds, things can flourish and spread ripples after many years. Funny enough, Arash was born in Iran, and I am Portuguese; I was his professor in Almaty (Kazakhstan), and twenty years later, we met in Germany. I guess Kindness has no nationality!


    4) I was thrilled to attend an event organized by the Tourism of Brazil and the Transformational Travel Council (TTC), of which we are proud members. The TTC showcased and explained the upcoming Transcend, which will take place in Pantanal at the Bonito location in September. It gives me hope that traveling can be a force of change and Kindness towards peace. It was also an opportunity to catch up with fellow TTC members doing magic worldwide. Check these beautiful people out:


    Lars von der WetternSingular Places

    Poonam Rawat-HahneFernweh Fair Travel

    Rob HolmesGLP Films

    Anastasiia KorshunovaAseya


    5) On the way back to the hotel, I had time to stop by memory lane at Checkpoint Charlie, but besides the tourists and McDonald’s across the street, I could notice no spies exchanged. A bit up the road and not far from the Brandenburg Gate, a gathering of people, flowers, candles and a soft song in the background brought me back to reality. Our world needs peace, Kindness, and healing; traveling outside your country/comfort zone might be the shortest way to achieve it.

    Kindness is a passport - Walking Mentorship newsletter. Brandenburg

    6) Finally, on my last day, I had to cancel all the meetings because of a Lufthansa strike and depart early in the morning. To make things slightly more challenging, the taxi I booked the day before did not show up at the agreed time. I tried to look for alternatives, but unfortunately, no taxi drivers were available. I was becoming desperate and cursing my luck when I saw a lady leaving the hotel with a taxi waiting for her. She was about to close the door when she looked at me and asked if I was going to the airport, and I couldn’t believe my luck. She was an angel sent from the skies to save the day, and I joined her ride to the airport. We had a great conversation during the ride, and she turned out to be one of the hotel’s directors. Thank you, Annalia! Kindness is indeed a passport! A passport to a better world.


    I tend to become upset when things don’t go according to (my) plan. Still, this experience taught (again) me that it’s better to let go and embrace the unexpected because it often leads to new, interesting, and transformational experiences. If you have doubts, Listen to our podcast guest this month – Nipun Mehta.

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    What have we been doing?

    March brought an interview on our podcast with Nipun Mehta. Nipun is the founder of ServiceSpace, a global community working at the intersection of technology, volunteerism and a gift culture. Today, ServiceSpace reaches millions every month, is powered by thousands of volunteers, and blossoms into ever-expanding local and virtual service projects that aim to ignite a “whole great than the sum of its parts”. Nipun is an inspiration. It is time to pick up your headphones and walking shoes to listen to this beautiful conversation. Enjoy!

    Nipun Mehta - Podcast Keep walking with me - Walking Mentorship

    Listen here


    In March, we walked towards the best version of ourselves with two Burn (out) Stress programs in partnership with the Association ENCONTRAR+SE. One of the programs in Lisbon (with plenty of rain) and another program in Porto, in May and June we will go again. What are you waiting for to bring your team to one of our programs?

    BURN(OUT) STRESS March 2024

    Watch the video here

    BURN(OUT) STRESS March 2024

    Watch the video here

    Upcoming dates

    Spring is here, and very soon, we will be back on the road with our immersive group programs. Below are a couple of upcoming programs with places available.

    Camino June 2024 - Walking Mentorship

    NEW DATE – Join the Walking Mentorship on “The Way.” A journey of self-discovery where you can explore your needs, desires, fears, and obstacles that keep you from reaching your potential. Apply here (4 places available)

    Costa Vicentina - Walking Mentorship

    Join the Walking Mentorship on “The Fisherman’s Trail”. It is one of the best coastal trails in the world. Always by the sea, following the local paths to access the beaches and fishing grounds. Apply here (6 places available)

    Exclusive for Alumni

    In case you missed the direct messages we sent, we are finally going to create an exclusive space for alumni who, like you, participated in our programs. This space will be used to share news and special offers exclusive to this group and to meet other people who are also on the path toward their best version. To start off on the right foot, we will announce an exclusive program for alumni. Join the group by following the link and find out everything!

    Walking Mentorship Alumni

    Gift vouchers and Referrals

    Can I offer the WM experience to other people? Yes, you can! Check the different options for gift vouchers and share your love.

    What about if I refer the program to a friend? You will receive a voucher every time you refer our program to a friend, the value depends on the final value of the program and you will be able to redeem to yourself or offer to someone else. Make sure they refer to your name on the registration process.

    How can we walk together?

    Walking Mentorship is a labor of love that helps you gain deeper insight and equips you to create a meaningful impact on your life and those around you.

    How can we work together? We keep things simple by offering Individual, Group, and Corporate programs. Check which is the best fit for you, or book a call with one of our mentors.

    Until then, keep walking with me,

    Joao Perre Viana - Walking Mentorship

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