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    A good question is half of knowledge, so they say.

    You probably don’t remember how good you used to be (before enrolling first grade) at making questions, but if you have kids or you have been around some of them lately, I am going to ask you to try to picture what is like.

    For instance, my kids, and probably yours as well, could not stop asking questions until their investigations where concluded or satisfied. A bit annoying at first, but extremely pleasant if you are willing to play along with the game.

    It is extraordinary to observe someone breaking into new grounds using its skills and developing new capabilities. In return to every question, each person has the chance to expands their understanding of themselves and the world.

    The more we practice, the better we become at learning how to learn.

    But there is a catch, and not necessarily a 22 🙂 As far as I know, there are two different ways to feed your brain with knowledge. You can let it flow according to what the media and culture around you provide, or you can define criteria based on your interests and curiosity.

    If you blindly accept the first alternative, most likely, you will have an easier time to “fit” into a standard role in your community, at least until a certain age. In contrast, the second option gives you tons of problems in school, especially if you continue inquiring like a five-year-old.

    What can you do?

    Not by chance, in the Walking Mentorship programs, we usually have a specific exercise to recover and reinforce our questioning capacity. In this exercise, you have to step into a much younger you and time travel to regain your dormant inquiring mind. Is it easy? It depends on person to person, but I can assure you that the alternative is not better.

    I give you a hint.

    Why don’t you try during the coming days to pay proper attention to what is happening around you, and whenever a thought, conversation or a piece of the news strikes your curiosity or interest (good or bad, it doesn’t matter), try not just to nod your head. Do your work, dig for the answers, collect information, and expand your life.

    Curiosity can literally save your life!

    In case you need a little support to kick start the process, join a brave group of likeminded people, and come on a walk with your questions. You might be surprised by the answers you will find along the way.

    Look at our website, and for sure, you will find a program that fits your need for questioning properly. Either focusing on your Purpose Review, making time to be Offline, Take your kids on an unrepeatable journey, or spend exceptional time with your team. Until then,

    Keep walking with me,

    João Perre Viana

    Founder of Walking Mentorship

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