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    In the mid-eighties, the Genesis questioned the wisdom of world leaders when they released the music Land of Confusion. The US and Soviet Union were enemies, and there was a threat of nuclear war. Phil Collins called it, “A political song about the mess we have landed in.” 

    There’s too many men, too many people, making too many problems. (remember the video )

    Years and decades passed, but the song, curiously or not, stays actual. The actors changed, but the land and the confusion, Oh my goodness:)

    I keep hearing that challenges are opportunities in disguise, and I tend to agree with the sentence, but when I look at the world from my window, I have doubts.

    Many people are referring to the opportunities we are opening up in the “new normal”. But are we truly seeing the challenge?

    Is it the virus? The economy? The politicians? Is it the “Marshall plans” the markets are claiming? Maybe the health crisis? Or perhaps it is just my neighbor that celebrates every Sunday a corona party without a face mask. 

    As we proceed in these exceptional times, I wonder what part of the challenge are we missing? 

    Shouldn’t we be talking about what the world should be instead of trying to go back to the old normal? Which, by the way, was nothing but normal.

    Shouldn’t we be revising what was not working before going full speed back to the point of pause? 

    We have a pretty long list in our hands, but we seemed to be more worried about the day when we can go back to the shopping mall without restrictions. 

    Think with me, If one virus can stop the planet, imagine what the irreversibility of human-made actions on the environment can produce in the medium-long run. Can you imagine finding a vaccine to fight the rise of ocean waters? Or a treatment for the lack of potable water in a third of the planet? I cannot.

    So, what is the challenge?

    Let me give you a little help. 

    72% – Seventy-two percent of employees say that purpose should have more weight than profit, and only 42 percent say that their company’s purpose has an impact. More info here

    I also share some thoughts recorded a few days ago during an early walk, a whisper that inspired my reflection about the current moment. You might want to enjoy it during a relaxed stroll. Listen here

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