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    Actually, it would be rather pointless if it didn’t. Fiction shows us exactly this: there is usually a problem or a menace that a hero needs to solve to make everything right again until the next villain comes along.
    We all are the hero in our own lives. We need to deal with the limitations of our physical body, the insecurities and weaknesses of our psyche, and our mortality.

    We also have to deal with the natural challenges of close relations, social relations, and work relations. We need to make ends meet and comply with many expectations society places on us – not to mention our own expectations.
    Dealing with all these challenges is extremely hard. Now imagine that you have to do it split in half.
    Imagine half of you trying to comply with all the challenges of life, work, and society while, at the same time, the other half feels completely disconnected and even in disagreement with your life.

    Can you imagine that?

    Surprising as it may seem, this is much more usual than we would think – in fact, if you look back on your life with honesty, you will find at least some moments when you were totally split.

    That is how it feels – you feel split, thorn. And if you let it go on for long enough, you’ll probably be ripped apart.

    But how can you get whole again?

    Well, first, you need to acknowledge that you have a problem that requires deep honesty. Then you need to be willing to fix that problem. To do that, you need to identify what you are doing or not doing that feels wrong to your deeper self. Having a clear notion of your purpose can help you to see this more clearly. Then you need to start changing what you know is wrong.

    You can fix some things immediately – you can quit bad habits or start good habits. Others are trickier and require a more gradual and sustained change. In this case, the ideal is to have a plan and start with steps you are sure you can achieve, creating the best conditions for success. As you have success in your process and gain confidence, you can raise your stakes and become gradually more ambitious.

    You probably already know this, but the first steps are always more challenging. Walking from the sofa to your front door will always be harder than going for a one-hour walk – or even a long walk.

    As you find yourself doing what you know you should, you will feel aligned with your purpose. You will feel whole. And you will be back to being the hero of your life. Are you ready to take the first step?

    And I Hope you choose well:)

    P.S.* The picture portrayed on the article’s cover was taken during a morning walk near the Ocean. Life is perfect in its imperfection when you look at it from a fair perspective.

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