On a trip, we usually like to make sure that our journey has a return ticket. We all appreciate adventure but we also care to know that there is a plan to return home. Curiously as we move along with career and a busy agenda, it seems less important to have a strategy to reverse life. Why?

We can think about the past but we know that we cannot go back in time.

Sometimes we can fell overwhelmed and the best thing we can do to proceed with our lives is to stop and understand why is our existence for? What are we doing here?

Stop, gain perspective and then take action!

The problem with our journey on this planet, is that we think we have time, and because of that we keep delaying a moment for ourselvesExcept for this precise occasion now, we have very little to hold on and that is where things can get very interesting.

Give me few minutes of your deepest attention. Think about one of your favourite songs and sing it in your head.

Did you choose a song?

Now, close your eyes and sing it out loud in your mind. Doesn’t matter where you are, I can guarantee you it will be enjoyable. Remember, it is one of your favourite songs. Continue until the song finishes.

Done? Ok, now you can open your eyes.

Did you wait until the end of the exercise to savour your music? Or did you enjoy it from the first second? Did you kept the same contentment throughout the whole theme? I am sure you did. Why?

You probably just experiment a totally different way of looking at life.

Instead of seeing your journey on earth as a path with a beginning and an end, maybe you want to see it as your favourite song. You sing it and  enjoy it from the beginning until the end. The way it should be with every music.

I wish you a wonderful Fall season, savoring the soundtrack of your life in every minute. If you are still searching for one, (soundtrack, life or minutes) the Walking Mentorship can help you take a first step.