Natalia Morozova, a Walking Mentor, has embarked on a remarkable journey through the corporate landscape. Holding an MBA from Kingston and boasting 25 years of experience in multinational FMCG, Retail, Banking, and Travel sectors, Natalia has led teams and managed various aspects of business, showcasing a depth of knowledge invaluable for anyone navigating the complexities of the corporate world. From Marketing to Sales, Strategy Development to Change Management, she has successfully worn multiple hats, making her a versatile mentor who truly understands the nuances of professional challenges.

Natalia has a genuine passion for fostering effective and engaged teams. Climbing the corporate ladder from junior positions to C Level, she intimately understands the hurdles and aspirations of those on a similar trajectory. Having experienced the pressures of meeting Key Performance Indicators while yearning for Key Happiness Indicators, she brings empathy and insight to mentorship.

Her transformative journey from participant to Walking Mentor in the Walking Mentorship Program reflects Natalia’s commitment to personal growth and finding balance in a fast-paced world. Inspired by the simplicity of walking, the beauty of nature, and the art of connecting people, Natalia dreams of fostering a community of NetWalkers, revitalizing communication to a profound and meaningful level. Through Walking Mentorship, she aspires to help individuals find not only soulmates but also their authentic selves.

Beyond her corporate acumen, Natalia is a certified NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, and, within the Walking Mentorship accreditation, earned the moniker “A SPARK.” Her superpower lies in sparking change, providing stimulus, enlightening, and guiding individuals toward transformative journeys.

Let’s walk together!
Contact Natalia Morozova:
Phone: +371 22 33 43 00

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Camino de Santiago | Spain

8 June - 15 June 2024

Parents and Kids - Walking Mentorship
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Parents & Kids | Spain

20 July - 27 July 2024

Via Francigena - Walking Mentorship
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Francigena | Switzerland

24 August - 31 August 2024

Costa Vicentina - immersive programs
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Costa Vicentina | Portugal

26 October - 2 November 2024

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