My last post was missing a video. I am afraid my mind was left behind somewhere between Alba de Tormes and Ávila along the Spanish Meseta. It is a beautiful feeling to able to stay a bit longer wherever your heart tells you to do so. Here goes a little glimpse of our spiritual journey last week. Enjoy!

Spiritual Route

Today I am heading north to start the last Life Purpose Review program of the year in the Caminos de Santiago. Hard to believe, but mid-October is upon us, and 2019 will soon start to ask what have you done with your time, life, skills, relations, etc. 

To help you with this task, until the end of the year, the Walking Mentorship will deliver two programs that create the conditions for you to wrap up your yearly journey and redefine the road ahead.

At the end of November, Bernhard Fanger (my co-mentor in Germany) and I will be in Bavaria for a Corporate Walks where you can focus on your business and professional challenges. A couple of places are still available. More information here.

In December (26-29), we are back in the Alqueva Lake for an individual program where personal agendas and plenty of stargazing will support our work to wrap up the year. One place is still available. More information here

If you are thinking about a specific personal development effort in 2020 or take your team on a path of deep communication and connection, you might want to consider one of our programs. Remember that not all that wander are lost, sometimes they are just busy thinking about beautiful things. The dates are already available and if you join until the end of December you can save some good money.

Keep walking with me,
    Joao Perre Viana


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