Personal development

Developing yourself to become the person you want to be is the biggest challenge of life. No one can do that for you! Walking Mentorship helps you take responsibility for yourself, your thoughts and your actions, understand better how you think and how to make the necessary changes. To walk, you need to start with two legs. The rest is optional. Step by step you can create new meanings.

How can you do it?

When you join us in a typical week long program, you are also taking part in a life changing experience.

Either you have an important personal or professional decision to make or you just need to take a break from daily craziness. Walking Mentorship was crafted for you and to help you achieve the best version of yourself!

Self-development is one of the most powerful tools of Personal Growth, one can even claim that it is more of a Philosophy of life.

Goals setting

The main objective of Walking Mentorship is to provide you with the tools and the regular practice of exercises that lead to the mastery of creating a self development plan.

Throughout the program, it becomes easier to identify what kind of skill development is needed and how to stay motivated achieving your goals.

There are quite a lot of concepts that are related with self-improvement and some even promise “miraculous” recipes for immediate success. In Walking Mentorship we consider self-development as a continuous process where the individual should have total ownership and expertise to develop new goals setting and in parallel keep the right motivation for goals achievement.

In our methodology, Walking Mentorship is based on two main components: Mentor support in combination with a balanced physical activity, delivered by walking. Our many years of experience have proven that the process of self-development is greatly facilitated and accelerated when a person is not alone but instead accompanied and supported by an experienced mentor.

Goal and goal setting can usually be divided between personal goals, career goals or professional goals.

Another angle to look at it is taking into consideration short term goals and long term goals, meaning that it is very important to clarify the types of goals you would like to achieve.


An important element to keep you on track is your motivation and what might give you inspiration to keep following your goal.

Obviously, one of the biggest challenges is to how to get motivated and how to motivate yourself. There are few ways to develop such capacity. One possibility is to expand internal motivation. Other is to use self help groups which can be streamlined into business motivation or more broadly, life motivation.

The most powerful and consistent motivational factors are related with motivational strategies and motivation techniques.

Extrinsic motivation

We have seen many people searching for extrinsic motivation but in the end of the day, we know that nothing beats Self Motivation, because To be successful a person needs to be self-motivated first of all.

But maybe the biggest secret of all is how to motivate yourself. And this is the second component of our method.


It is a little more difficult to understand, since it includes accepting of a certain psychosomatic of the human body and, in particular, the human psyche. We apply a specific and highly effective method of stimulating the participants in our programs by overcoming and complementing the physical load with a perfect balance between walking, mentoring, talking and thinking.

Daily motivation

Daily motivation, or if you prefer, Lack of motivation is the biggest problem for the majority of participants that go trough our programs. 90% of this problem is exactly a daily motivation problem, but we do have few solutions to minimize it.

Mentoring support

As a result of many years of practical mentoring support, we have developed a specific methodology aimed at maximise an effective mentoring assistance. It includes all the stages through which the program participant goes through, starting from the first contact and ending with long term support after the completion of the walking stage of the program:

  • A fully dedicated Mentor
  • Pre-Walk online orientation sessions
  • Exclusive Walking Mentorship methodology
  • Individual mentoring sessions
  • Case Clinics, which are a process where a group of peers help as consultants, generating new ways to look at a challenge or question and developing new approaches.

Once you join the program, you have access to regular mentoring sessions in the next year and a lifetime special alumni rate to join new walks.

Personal development plan

The ultimate objective of the program is to elaborate a Personal Development Plan and an action plan to support it.

Mentorship programs

A final word about our routes and the travel dimension of our programs. Besides charming lodging in unique manor houses, century-old monasteries and hotels, we guaranty total peace of mind and focus in the experience by applying an all inclusive – Accommodation, breakfasts, lunches and dinners with drinks included.

We walk unique routes like the Camino de Santiago in Spain, the Via Francigena in Switzerland or the Alqueva lake in Portugal but we also develop themed groups for specific age brackets, industries and moments in life.

Some of our programs are:

Camino de Santiago

The Vía de La Plata is an ancient commercial and pilgrimage path that crosses the west of Spain from south to north, connecting Sevilha to Santiago. Our Route starts in Ourense and will take us to the Monastery of Oseira, Bendoiro, Dornelas and Outeiro just before we reach Compostela.

The Via Francigena

The Via Francigena is the common name of an ancient road and pilgrim route running from Canterbury to Rome. As such, the route passes through England, France, Switzerland and Italy. The section we walk has around 100km starting in Martigny and arriving in Aosta. If you like to walk above the clouds, this experience was made for you.

Alqueva Lake

The chosen location of Alqueva is a one of a kind certified Starlight Destination due to its lack of light pollution, enabling sights of the stars of unique clarity. Some things you can only see when there are no distractions around. The Walking Mentorship Weekend can make that happen at the moment when you really need it.


All parents want what’s best for their children. The program focuses on fostering opportunities, skills, rewards for positive behaviors, bonding and clear expectations for a better communication and understanding. During our walks we work and learn effective communication, problem solving, and train how to give and receive feedback.

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