Alqueva Lake (Portugal)
Group profile:
From 4 up to 10 people
Dates available:
Upon request
Your mentors in this program
Joao Perre Viana
Bringing 15+ years of international background, João has a strong focus and experience in Change Management and Individual mentorship. João loves Mountains, fresh creeks on a hot day and a smile after a long walk. He usually thinks better with his boots and backpack on.
Mentor - Nuno Santos Fernandes
Nuno Santos Fernandes
Nuno started walking early in life, and likes to think of himself as a walker of the ways of life, always looking for the path less traveled. He is known for having a positive impact on the lives of the people he meets along the way living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

The Walking Mentorship offers Corporate Walks at our base camp in Alqueva (Portugal), mixing the endless plains of Alentejo with the magnificent big lake of Alqueva. Within a short period, three days | two nights, your team will experience an innovative methodology that combines Nature, Walking, and Business Mentoring.

It provides a great destination to run away from the daily hassles and enjoy silence to think and open views to stretch your mind. The big lake in Alqueva will be our playground for three days and two nights. The mentoring program will provide participants with a compact, powerful personal development experience. It includes an intake conversation, an online kick-off meeting, and a multi-day group retreat supported by Walking Mentorship instruction materials. 

Every program wraps up with key findings and action items identified throughout the exercises, walks, and talks. With a group between 4-10 participants, you can retreat in the quiet plains near Monsaraz, all year round. Our meeting point is near Mourão. Within a 1h20 minutes transfer from Lisbon airport, you will be at our starting location.   Alqueva Lake is a certified Starlight Destination due to its lack of light pollution, enabling sights of the stars of unique clarity. Some things you can only see when there are no distractions around. This Walking Mentorship program can make that happen at the moment when you need it.

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