By your side (for couples)

Rota Vicentina
8 days | 7 nights – From Saturday to Saturday
Group profile:
12 people
Dates available:
1 January - 1 January | 10 places available

Love is the ultimate renewable resource. To be sustainable, the quality of love in an intimate partnership must continually evolve, becoming more precise, mindful, compassionate, and wise—eventually blossoming into a spiritual path. Grow your love into a deeper, more spiritual connection in a week that includes couple mindfulness practices, dialogue, humor, music, and group sharing.

Your Mentors in this program

Mladenka Perroton

Mladenka is a coach and NLP therapist, specialized in the domain of emotions, self-esteem and relations. She actively coaches, leads workshops and helps her clients become their own "coaches" and effectively learn to deal with the moments of doubt, lack of self-esteem and self-validation.

Joao Perre Viana

With more than 15 years of mentoring experience, João has a passion for managing change and for personal development. His favorite days are spent among mountains and fresh streams. He usually thinks best with his boots and backpack on.

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