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Now you can combine individual mentoring with your participation in a group program. You can choose to complement the Walk and Talk experience with any of the group programs available in the WM within the same calendar year.

The Walk and Talk methodology follows an 8-step plan. In each session, you will have clear goals and reflective exercises. The individual sessions can occur using your mobile phone outdoors (park, walking path, etc.) and walk and talk with João Perre Viana by video call. It is also possible to have a face to face sessions if you are in Portugal and willing to visit João in the countryside (near Lisbon). Please contact us to discuss further.

You can enroll in the Group program either before or after the individual program and choose (according to availability) any of the available routes we have.

This way, you can create a reinforced environment to support your action plan throughout your year and don't miss the uniqueness of doing so, together with likeminded people.

Combined Programs
Joao Perre Viana
Bringing 15+ years of international background, João has a strong focus and experience in Change Management and Individual mentorship. João loves Mountains, fresh creeks on a hot day and a smile after a long walk. He usually thinks better with his boots and backpack on.

If you would like to join one of our programs, please tell us more about your expectations and motivation in participating. Leave your name, e-mail and phone number and we will get in contact soon.