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Corporate programs are a transformational methodology that helps to unlock the potential of your team and unleash their creativity and talent. Within a short period, your company will experience a mixture of fun, physical exercise, companionship, beautiful landscapes and the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with your best thoughts and ideas. Our goal is always the same: Enrich your organizational culture.

The program varies from a short experience (two days/one night) up to an extended week within any of the existing group programs throughout the year. Despite the location and the chosen duration, all formats combine exercises and dynamics based on the methodology Survival Kit.

The Corporate program gives you the platform for alignment between individual purpose and the corporate goals. It can also be the trigger to solve specific topics, such as Develop a new perspective on your projects. Receive a fresh look from seasoned business mentors. Looking back and saying thank you to your team. Kick-start new business cycles or ignited with a new vision.

Our mentoring process focuses on refreshing your company cohesion and engagement. As work increasingly relies on collaboration and coordination and as conditions remain increasingly uncertain, the ability of your teams to sense and respond to the world, to engage their colleagues, and to align quickly to new information will undoubtedly be the most significant competitive advantage of the 21st century. 

Walking Mentorship is a life changing experience. Please share what motivates you to join our programs

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