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Times of uncertainty require aligned, focused, and motivated teams. But this is especially challenging when it is necessary to work from home or remotely. So, what can we do to turn a threat into an opportunity? I want to introduce you to Destination You.

Destination You is an online mentoring program that will help to reinforce your team's potential while supporting individual well-being. Mentoring, walking, and nature are the pillars of the Walking Mentorship programs, and these will also be the basis for the sessions we have prepared, each lasting one hour. 

We encourage all participants to go out and find a relaxed environment for walking, however, if it is not possible, online sessions allow you to take nature inside your cell phone or computer. You just need to plug in your headphones and relax.

Mentoring will create a structure to organize your thoughts. Making you more productive and thinking more clearly.

The walk, besides being excellent for your health and immune system, will also increase your creativity, motivation, and mood.

And finally, the nature that will connect all synergies, boosting your work and bringing out the best in your team.

Throughout the eight sessions, each participant will live an inner journey of aligning their purpose with their professional and personal goals. The program ends with the drawing of an action plan that can be implemented immediately. Allowing to focus on the essentials of life in a constructive way. 

The different exercises, walks, and support dynamics will bring you closer to the best version of yourself and, as a consequence, to the best version of your team.

Your mentors in this program
Mentor - Nuno Santos Fernandes
Nuno Santos Fernandes
Nuno started walking early in life, and likes to think of himself as a walker of the ways of life, always looking for the path less traveled. He is known for having a positive impact on the lives of the people he meets along the way living a meaningful and fulfilling life.
Joao Perre Viana
Bringing 15+ years of international background, João has a strong focus and experience in Change Management and Individual mentorship. João loves Mountains, fresh creeks on a hot day and a smile after a long walk. He usually thinks better with his boots and backpack on.

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