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Eight Sessions (2x6h+6x1.5h)
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The Destination You program is an innovative engagement tool that drives your team to get together moving towards common goals and objectives, in a format that takes everyone out to walk in nature, using technology in the best possible way.

It also eliminates the hurdles of a geographically dispersed team, and it even helps with the costs - as there is no need for travelling and additional logistics. However, due to the benefits of the methodology, this program goes deep and wide, having a significant and deep impact on your team. The Corporate Program joins the best of both worlds, nature and online:

  • walking has countless health and wellbeing benefits, and science has demonstrated that it boosts your creativity and focus - so we take all participants walking, each on its location.
  • being in nature reduces stress and anxiety and improves your mood and opens new perspectives and paths to approach challenges - so we strongly encourage all participants to find natural environments to do their walks.
  • the structure of the Walking Mentorship Survival Kit (the name of our methodology) helps to guide the individual path reconnecting with his purpose and clarifying goals and objectives - both for the individual and the team.
  • handwriting activates different brain functions that help consolidate the process - and leave a precious guide to the best thoughts and ideas, that can be of use months and even years later - so we instil the need to follow the structure of the Survival Kit and handwrite in it.
  • visual thinking is known to facilitate thought about complex ideas - our templates are as intuitive as walking.
  • the mentoring group dynamics and the 1 to 1 sharing are fundamental to go deep, get new perspectives and again, tease the brain to use different functions that structure and clarify the thought process - so we facilitate the group dynamics and randomly pair participants to guarantee everyone is engaged and deep listening.
  • people should walk, talk and think about their own rhythm - so we have an online platform that allows each participant to get inspired with our instruction videos to do his personal exercises at his own convenience.
  • the common path builds up from the individual to the team, and peaks with the identification of the main challenges the team faced and the best approaches to deal with them.
  • by being totally supported on online meetings for the group dynamics and phone calls for the one to one sharing and Mentoring, we eliminate all risks associated with the current public health situation.
  • also, this allows for team members geographically dispersed to embark on a common voyage and be totally involved in the construction of the common plan, and in the team dynamics.

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