In the footsteps of Santa Teresa de Ávila

Ávila - Spain
8 days | 7 nights – From Sunday to Sunday
Group profile:
12 people
Dates in 2018:
17 March - 24 March | 10 places available

The footsteps of Santa Teresa, take us from Salamanca to Ávila. This spiritual route it's like an itinerant retreat. It's a retreat on the way, it involves everything that you are. Movement and stillness, body and spirit, exteriority and interiority, outward journey and inner pilgrimage. A complete and  integral/whole experience, nothing that is yours is excused or left out. Examples : What is the role of spirituality in my life? How do I live such spirituality ? What can improve, change or do differently ? Religion vs spiritual, The existence of God, meditation vs praying.

What can you expect ?

  • Change your perspective and transform your life 
  • Walk on your own and with a different peer everyday  
  • Listen to your best ideas and see beyond the obvious
  • Reconnect with yourself in a trustworthy space 
  • Unforgettable memories with friends you never meet before
  • A big smile in your face that will last for a long time 
  • Financial aid available - No one turned away
  • Two fully dedicated Mentors
  • Exclusive WM methodology
  • Lodging in unique houses along the Spanish meseta 
  • All inclusive - Accommodation, all meals and drinks included
  • Pre-walk orientation session
  • After the walk we facilitate an individual feedback session to guarantee a smooth transition and support your personal plan.

Once you finish the walk, if you wish,  you have access to regular Mentoring Sessions and Case Clinics, a process where a group of peers help as consultants, generating new ways to look at a challenge or question and developing new approaches.

Walking Mentorship is a life changing experience. In order for the group to be able to have a deep and authentic experience, participation is by application only. Please tell us what motivates you to participate.

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