Theme day : The Great Unknown (Night Walk)

Serra de Montejunto
4 hours
Group profile:
16 people
Dates available:
31 August - 31 August Group complete
Price newcomers:
€ 40 - Individual or €30 - per person If you join with a friend/partner


The Walking Mentorship Theme day in Serra de Montejunto, will take place in the second new moon of August under the format of a night walk. If the sky helps we might be able to see something especial.
Often living in the unknown is an opportunity for us to practice new skills. Rather than making a reactive choice, we can choose to continue to hold a vision, while allowing some space for the Universe to support us in delivering it in a time frame and in a way that may not line up exactly with what our ego may have originally foreseen.
Together with a small group, you are expected to use your time to think and walk on your own, in silence and pairs. During the activity, different exercises will be provided to facilitate the thinking process.

We will do a circular route at a low pace and with plenty of stops to enjoy the incredible skies of the Serra de Montejunto.

During the trail, there will be a moment to eat/drink a light meal or picnic (do not forget to prepare your food).

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