Alqueva Lake - Portugal
4 days | 3 nights – From Thursday to Sunday
Group profile:
12 people
Dates available:
Upon request

1400€ (+VAT) – Standard

900€ (+VAT) – Early Bird (120 days before)

Payment plans are available from 128€ monthly x7.

We deeply believe that our programs can change lives – if for some reason you currently cannot afford our prices, please drop us a few lines presenting your case and we will do our best to find solutions.

Many of us crave a break from the 24/7 connection of our cell phones and computers. Maybe it's the feeling of being always available. Perhaps it's all the digital noise that keeps you from hearing your thoughts. Maybe it's the fear of missing out, which is inevitable if we continually watch what other people are doing on Facebook or Instagram. 

We can only see and hear certain things when there are no distractions around. The Slow down program in Alqueva Lake can make that happen at the moment when you need it.

We want to invite you to reconnect with yourself, others, and nature through our mentorship programs.  We will be disconnecting to Monte Falperras in Alqueva Lake (Portugal) with João Perre Viana, the Mentor of the program and founder of WM.

By the end of the program, you will feel more relaxed, more at the moment, and more focused.

Supported by a few simple exercises, you will gain perspective about your current moment and give the room for creativity and new ideas to flow. Potentially side effects such as happiness and a sense of meaningfulness may apply. But don't forget your hiking boots because we will be walking around one of the most amazing Lakes in Europe.

You should expect:

  • Exclusive Walking Mentorship methodology
  • Pre-walk orientation session
  • Individual Mentoring Sessions during the program
  • After the program, Individual feedback session to guarantee a smooth transition and support your personal plan.
  • Time to walk on your own and with each participant
  • Daily circular routes around the big Alqueva Lake
  • Invitation to be offline (no mobile/technology)
  • Double rooms 
  • Accommodation and all meals with drinks included 
Your mentor in this program
Joao Perre Viana
Bringing 15+ years of international background, João has a strong focus and experience in Change Management and Individual mentorship. João loves Mountains, fresh creeks on a hot day and a smile after a long walk. He usually thinks better with his boots and backpack on.

    If you would like to join one of our programs, please tell us more about your expectations and motivation in participating. Leave your name, e-mail and phone number and we will get in contact soon.