Online Program

8 sessions (approx. 3 months)
Dates available:
Upon request

The Online Mentorship can happen whenever you want and need. Walking will continue to be the centerpiece of the program, but you will be able to do it from the comfort of your home or a chosen location, making the most of mobile technology. Sounds like walking, but it is a philosophy of self-development.

The program will help you to clarify your current moment; Assess your needs, skills and situation; Set goals to achieve what you desire and create an action plan to make your vision come true. The online format allows you to walk at your own pace in a personally chosen location, while your mentor does the same.

What can you expect from this Program? :

  • An Action Plan for your life, designed by yourself
  • A fully dedicated Mentor
  • Online Mentorship exclusive methodology
  • Sessions up to 90 minutes every two weeks
  • A total of 8 sessions. (approx. 3 months)
  • E-mails and messaging between Mentor and Mentee are welcomed
  • Walking routes suggestion
  • Exercise plan to improve your endurance
  • When possible the online session can be replaced by a walk+talk experience

The methodology follows a 8 step plan divided in 8 online sessions. Every two weeks, you will have clear objectives, intermediate milestones and supporting exercises. After each session a summary will be shared to help keep focus on the exercises and reinforce the momentum you are living.

Walking Mentorship is a life changing experience and participation is by application only. Please tell us what motivates you to join our programs

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