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Galicia Coast
8 days | 7 nights – From Saturday to Saturday
Group profile:
6 Parents & 6 Kids
Dates available:
10 July - 17 July 2021 4 places available

3600€ (+VAT) – Parent+Kid – Standard

2900€ (+VAT) – Parent+Kid – Early Bird (120 days before)

2400€ (+VAT) – Parent+Kid – Super Early B (180 days before)

Payment plans are available from 200€ monthly x12. Special conditions for WM Alumni, Unemployed, and under 30 y.o.

Welcome to the WM Week for Parents and Kids on the Coast of Galicia. This is a program designed specifically to be one of the most memorable weeks between you and your son/daughter.

We have prepared a blend of dynamics, games, adventure moments, walking trails that will lead us through unique landscapes and also a cultural, historic and gastronomic immersion. All our activities are “wrapped” around the survival kit methodology, where the ultimate objective is to support developing the core of your relationship.


Your mentors in this program
Mentor - Nuno Santos Fernandes
Nuno Santos Fernandes
Nuno started walking early in life, and likes to think of himself as a walker of the ways of life, always looking for the path less traveled. He is known for having a positive impact on the lives of the people he meets along the way living a meaningful and fulfilling life.
Joao Perre Viana
Bringing 15+ years of international background, João has a strong focus and experience in Change Management and Individual mentorship. João loves Mountains, fresh creeks on a hot day and a smile after a long walk. He usually thinks better with his boots and backpack on.

What can you expect?

Our route will take us from Vigo to the original "end of the world,” at least for the Romans. From there we will discover the coastline with short beach breaks, breathtaking forests and also a couple of refreshing boat trips. Our walk ends in Santiago, but we will feel like the pioneers walking into a new found land. We look forward to walking by your side in July/August.

  • Two fully dedicated Mentors
  • Exclusive WM methodology
  • Lodging in unique houses along the Galicia Coast
  • Accommodation and all meals with drinks included
  • Pre-walk orientation session
  • After the walk, we facilitate an individual feedback session to guarantee a smooth transition
  • Financial aid available - No one turned away 

Read here an article from DAD.CEO platform about last year program and learn 5 things to do at home to replicate the Walking Mentorship program for Parents and kids.

If you would like to join one of our programs, please tell us more about your expectations and motivation in participating. Leave your name, e-mail and phone number and we will get in contact soon.

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