Spring Break (Under 30)

8 days | 7 nights – From Sunday to Sunday
Group profile:
12 people
Dates available:
13 April - 21 April | 9 places available

Spring break is a period frequently associated with extensive gatherings and riotous partying in warm climate locations. Could it be different?  Use a special time to reflect about some of the questions that will have the biggest impact in the years to come. What do you want to do with your life? Are you clear about your future career? What is your purpose? For participants under 30. 

Your Mentors in this program

Edgar Gois Marta

Born in the middle of the Swiss Alps, Edgar had the opportunity to be surrounded by many cultures. He is involved in humanitarian projects in Ecuador and he is the President of Swiss Junior Enterprise. With almost all Europe visited, his feet took him to 4 continents and 30+ countries.

Joao Perre Viana

With more than 15 years of mentoring experience, João has a passion for managing change and for personal development. His favorite days are spent among mountains and fresh streams. He usually thinks best with his boots and backpack on.

What can you expect?

This experience is a personal compass to sail the challenging waters of todays world without loosing sight to become a better version of yourself. 

Book an informative session

The program starts with a talk (one-on-one with your mentor) in order to agree on the process, focus on goal setting, define how to measure the end results and finishes one week after the walk with a similar one-to-one session to give and receive feedback and help validate the individual action plan.

From Sunday to Sunday, walk along the first Geological park in the world. Over 60km of pure emotion from Portoscuso to the sand dunes of Piscinas. 

Experience a week without any social pressure, together with a small group of like minded people and the support of two mentors to visit one of the most beautiful and hidden secrets - Your Heart! And yes, we will also walk in the beautiful Coast of Sardinia.

Walking Mentorship is a life changing experience and participation is by application only. Please tell us what motivates you to join our programs

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