Theme day : Forgiveness

Portinho da Arrábida
4 hours
Group profile:
16 people
Dates available:
1 June - 1 June | 8 places available
Price newcomers:
€ 40 - Individual or €30 - per person If you join with a friend/partner


When loss, conflict or betrayal test our willingness to forgive — how do we do it anyway?

This Walking Mentorship day in Arrábida will explore the challenges and benefits of forgiving others and ourselves.

Together with a small group, you are expected to use your time to think and walk on your own, in silence and pairs. During the activity, different exercises will be provided to facilitate the thinking process. 

Our objective is to revise our view about forgiveness and by being exposed to different perspectives try to find ways to incorporate in our action plans different habits and behaviors.  

We will do a circular route at a low pace and with plenty of stops to enjoy the incredible surroundings of the National Park of Arrábida.

Starting our walk at 9h15 AM near Portinho da Arrábida we will finish around 13h00. At the end of the trail, there is the possibility to have lunch all together with the group (Menu of 15€ pp).

Fill in the formulary bellow to receive a confirmation e-mail of your participation and instructions to make your payment.    

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