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€1980 (+VAT)

Payment plans are available. Special conditions for WM Alumni, Unemployed, and under 30 y.o. We believe that our programs can change lives – if for some reason you cannot afford our prices, drop us a few lines presenting your case, and we will do our best to find solutions.

If you feel bored, dissatisfied, or empty, you might question the meaning of life. If you believe that your relationships with others are unfulfilled, your professional life is stuck, or you find yourself often anxious, it might be time to stop, reconnect, gain perspective, and take action!

The Walk and Talk support you find meaning and purpose in life. Creating the environment to gain a better understanding of who you are, so you can discover your strengths and find a way to move forward. This is a journey of self-discovery where you can explore your needs, desires, your fears, and obstacles that keep you from reaching your potential. It helps you explore your true identity.

Through this program, you will be able to understand your purpose, set goals in your life, and achieve them with the support of your action plan. The Walking Mentorship will help you make sense of what is happening for you right now in your life, what has happened to you in the past and help you integrate new healthier ways of managing your life moving forward. The best way to ensure that you achieve the best version of yourself is to behave intentionally.

Book an informative session to understand the methodology and the role of Walking Mentorship to achieve your desired results.


  • The WM methodology follows an 8-step plan. In each session, you will have clear goals and reflective exercises.
  • Walk and Talk with our Mentors in a face to face session (in beautiful locations near our Mentors). If not possible,
  • Use your mobile phone outdoors (park, walking path, etc) and walk and talk by video call.
  • Each session will last 60 minutes.

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