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Between 60 to 90 minutes
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Upon request

From time to time we need a little help, someone who can walk beside us and allow us to put into perspective the different possibilities, the issues that are not easy to question and receive the advice that show us the next step. Then you have to walk and that's why the mentoring sessions walk and talk  are for. 

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Mentoring was created to respond to situations that you might be having difficulty analyzing or unblocking, namely:

  • Goals of personal life and decision making
  • Balance in everyday life, motivation and purpose of life
  • Career plan or transition need
  • Moment of life: newly formed, newly married, divorce
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety in Your Life

Our life today is much like a high-speed train. The landscape is parading outside the window, but for most of us, too fast for us to see and experience the beauty that radiates. The days go by and we continue inside this train, always towards a new destination, the next item on the list, the next thing that will improve everything around us.

Most people would like to be able to change something in their life, but this is usually something that stands right here, to desire. You and I both know that desire does not change anything. On the other hand, for those who have the courage to invest time to create a better reality for themselves, the possibilities become limitless. The individual sessions are a proposal to get out of the "high speed train" safely and that fits the reality of our lives.

Your Mentor

Joao Perre Viana

With more than 15 years of mentoring experience, João has a passion for managing change and for personal development. His favorite days are spent among mountains and fresh streams. He usually thinks best with his boots and backpack on.

Booking an individual session is the best way to understand the mentoring methodology. For an hour and a half we will walk and analyze the possibilities of working together. Then you can decide on the best collaboration format, whether through separate sessions to reflect on a specific topic or through a 5 or 10 session plan to create your action plan.

The methodology follows an 8-step plan. In each session, you will have clear goals, exercises and support material. After each walk, a resume will be shared to help you stay focused and reinforce the moment you are living.

Before taking our walk, set aside time for a telephone conversation to see if there is a good match between the philosophy of the program and your expectations. Once the objectives of the session are clear, we will agree on a date for our walk.

Each session has a clear goal, taking into account the work topics initially identified. During the walking session, we will use the Walking Mentorship methodology, consisting of reflection exercises, followed by examples and a practical discussion. The walk ends with a summary of action points to be completed in the future.

After the walk you will receive an email with feedback and additional information to reinforce your action plan in the following weeks. E-mails and post-session messages are welcome and will help answer any questions you may have. The support is continuous in order to allow a good development of the personal action plan.

Online mentoring can happen whenever you want and need it. The walk will continue to be the focal point of the program, but you can do so in the comfort of your location making the most of mobile technology.

Walking Mentorship is a life changing experience and participation is by application only. Please tell us what motivates you to join our programs

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