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    The Redwood National Park is situated in California, United States, and contains one of the world’s largest old-growth forest of redwood trees, many of which grow to over 90m in height.
    Back when I had the opportunity to walk among the “Giants” near Prairie Creek, the initial feeling of my insignificance was quickly replaced by breathless insights.
    Trees remind me to look up while being deeply rooted and grounded, something I tend to forget. Despite the amount of different species or the density of the grove, trees always find a way to continue developing, grow and stand straight, most likely one of the best places to learn about coopetition.
    I was deeply impressed when I understood the importance of being flexible in order to progress. Without the capacity to bend, trees would end up breaking and possibly dying or stop evolving.
    I wonder how much more we can learn from our giant friends if we were able to listen.
    By the way, Avenue of the Giants is also the name of a scenic highway running through Humboldt Redwoods State Park, not far from this story.
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