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    Some people are bored to be at home; others are fed up with the limited freedom of movements.  Some people cannot take any more Zoom meetings or classes; others are depressed with different conspiracy theories. Some people don’t remember anymore what day of the week is, others want to jump directly to 2021.

    Honestly, I think we are all tired. And I am going to take a sit.

    In 2012, during a long walk with my two oldest kids, I passed by an abandoned couch near the trail we were crossing and remembered to think that leaving such furniture there for hikers was a great idea.

    Sadly, I was so worried trying to get my exhausted boys to arrive at our destination, that I kept my ideas inside my mouth and went on marching.

    Four years later, I happened to pass by the same location. Together with nine friends, we were testing if they could survive the Walking Mentorship methodology. And guess what was still there? I didn’t make an association until I saw one of our colleagues seated comfortably on the couch as if it was a chaise longue, smiling from ear to ear. 

    I remembered the episode from a few years back, and I should have stopped and enjoyed what was being offered to me. But once again, I was too busy to stop, and we carry on.  

    Fortunately or unfortunately (depends on how you look into it), Life seems to keep sending you the same lesson until you understand what is there to be learned. 

    A couple of months later, I was back on the same trail. It was my third time — a different group of people, different weather but the same situation. 

    This time I was dreaming about reaching my resting place. I knew that no matter the toughness of the road, I would have a moment to pause and reset the counter. 

    Man and Nature, all get tired at a certain point in our journey. We all need to rest, lay down our burdens, regain our energy, and reinforce our hope to continue. It is indeed simple what we are asked to do every day. Our ancestors knew it and respected the thin red line that divides and unites all living beings.

    The moment I sat down, I felt something special. The fragrance of Love. An intense feeling of deep affection and gratitude towards myself and the world.  

    Since that day, I lost count how many times I have sat down on that tired bench. But I never fail to remember what I felt and the faces of the beautiful people around me. 

    I don’t want to romanticize the suffering and staggering consequences we are facing with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Still, it seems that we weren’t able to fully understand the opportunity that is opening in front of each one of us. Otherwise, I think we should be feeling and acting differently.  

    Even under quarantine, we don’t manage to slow down and get our goals straight. We are stressed out. Our leaders cannot agree on a strategy to protect us from a global threat, and most of our media keeps pouring gasoline on top of the fire. It is truly appalling.

    In the last 75 years, we have never had such favorable circumstances to rethink where we want to go globally as human species. Not just anyplace, but a much better place. We don’t need more divisions. Instead, we need a sense of oneness.    

    In Hollywood movies, this is the time where the triumphant music starts, and we see images of all different ethnicities coming together, with a confident smile, holding hands, and embracing our common goal.  

    Are we going to miss such a unique opportunity? Maybe.

    Can we do something about it? Yes, we can.   

    Look into the brightest moments of our existence. The finest hour during the darkest nights. What is there? Do you know?


    The change we seek takes place inside our hearts. And the fuel is Love.

    If you are feeling tired, go, and find your “couch.” It might be your faith, God, family, a friend, the open air, silence, the sound of the waves, music, a book, or a forest.

    Whatever works for you. Go there. Have a sit. Listen.

    You can check our page on Patreon and see the different ways to support our activities. You might find a way to be part of the story. Until then,

       Keep walking with me

         Joao Perre Viana

    Founder of Walking Mentorship


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