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    Today leaving the mountains was not for the fainted heart, from 19 degrees celsius up in the pass to 37c in Aosta our journey took us into the middle of a beautiful nature showdown.

    Rain, wind and lightning in one side of the mountain and on the other extremity a rainbow and a tiny opening up in the clouds. I could not avoid the parallelism with life and the current world situation.

    We as mankind have been trough a pretty bumpy ride in this new century. We face challenges far from easy to overcome and looking at the forecast, one can say there is more on the way.

    The storm on one side of the mountain is real and in some moments seems that is going to sallow our path. The rainbow on the other extreme of the valley, with a little tiny opening in the sky, makes me want to go for it, propelling my heart and giving me the courage to be brave enough to cross into the open and reach a clear blue horizon.
    Up in the mountains of our life no one can guarantee you that you are going to make it, but I can tell you that it is worth it to live trying despite the scenario.

    Around us there is a strange quietness, announcing the end of a cycle and the begging of a new one. In my mind there is a song playing, an “old friend” that was my companion every morning during a professional assignment in a faraway land.

    The music plays something like this:
    I don’t get many things right the first time,
    In fact, I am told that a lot
    Now I know all the wrong turns the stumbles,
    And falls brought me here
    And where was I before the day
    That I first saw your lovely face,
    Now I see it every day
    And I know
    That I am, I am, I am, the luckiest

    After each walk I can see clearly that everyday and every minute of my life, everything that happens, the good, the great but also the not so good is part of the same path, and the same love story.

    This journey is open, I can feel that we are permanently at a crossroads and we have the capacity to say yes or no, every minute, every step and every actIon of the way.

    I am limited in some aspects of my life but there is one thing I know I can be the master of the Universe. I am fully responsible for the quality of my thoughts and ideas, something worth it to tattoo in your arm.

    On the way back from the Mountains, out from my window, the world continues its own way, cities wake up and cities go to sleep Indifferent to this story, or maybe not 🙂 maybe we are all part of the same web, an incredible puzzle with billions of pieces and unlimited combinations.

    There is so much to absorb, so much beauty around us, so much music to listen, rivers to cross, mountains to climb, oceans to dive in and incredible people to meet with a universe inside each one.

    I close my eyes and lean my head on the window, I understand it is too much to take in for any soul, and whoever tried or did it, was not able to return, the same way to the world of the living.

    To take in this much, the only way a human can do it it’s by blending with the universe, one day, the last and the first day of the rest of our life. It is a comforting idea.

    One day I would like to take a long walk with you, I think you are going to enjoy it very much 🙂


    Heureux Ceux Qui Perseverent* is a wonderful thought written by the Saint Bernhard Canons on a bench inside a mountain refuge.


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